Review and Swatch: Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Centrifuschia for NC40-42/C40

Half of me wants to write a long post of reasons why I haven’t been blogging and the other half wants to make an extremely quick review of at least something I’ve had for months.

But because it’s almost midnight and it still is a work night, I’ll go with the latter.

Here’s a quick review and lip swatch of the Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Centrifuschia and hopefully I stick to the topic.

(Bought at Chedelyn’s for PHP780.00)

1. Has that vanilla scent like that of MAC lipsticks.

2. Comes in a fat bullet.  Design is a little bit childish for me but it kinda grows on you though.  You get obsessed over making sure that the Unicorn looks right.

3. Creamy and bleeds during application.

4. Last for about 6 hours without eating and heavy sipping, leaves a stain on the lips.

5. Not drying.

6. When eating and drinking, I’d say 4 hours because it still does leave a stain on the lips.  But touch ups are definitely necessary if you want it to look flawless.

7. Best worn with warm tops (just something I noticed). #summerishere

8. Opaque.

One layer without lip liner underneath.

Is it a good buy? Yes. I may not sound enthusiastic, but when I had this on the first time I fell in love with it and I still am.

Now I don’t usually do this, but I’m going to take a #selfie and finally put a face to this blog(because it’s pointless to not put one when the title suggests how Centrifuschia looks on skin tones like mine).  Please excuse the ugliness.

#Centrifuschia #nofilter #makeupfreesomehow #badskinthough #lookatthoseporesandfinelines  

Until the next post!  :*








Long time no see!

My laptop charger has finally been shipped and I finally,after 5 years of making myself to get to do it, bought a Sanyo Eneloop charger and battery set for my 6 year old digicam. #officiallybacktoblogging 

“You know it’s …

“You know it’s your red lipstick when it makes your eyes sparkle.”


Help for Yolanda/Haiyan Victims

Now onto something I hope we all can do something about.

Yolanda/Haiyan…I don’t even know where to start.

Here are some ways we could help, if you are in Cebu:

Some of the Drop-off Centers:



To volunteer to repack relief goods:

Red Cross – Manila/Mandaluyong
Location: Bonifacio Drive Port Area Manila near Anda Circle
Contact: 5270000 local 130 or at 5242101 (Christian, Lyn)
Sign up:

University of San Carlos – Main
Location: Wrocklage Yard
When: Nov 11, Starting now

Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc
Location: Casa Gorordo Museum
Contact: 4187234 loc 511 or 0942-359-1097 (Mileesa)
When: Nov 11, Starting now

Cebu Capitol
Location: The Cebu Capitol
Contact: 254-7198 or 254-8397 (Evelyn)

Department of Social Welfare and Development
Location: AVRC office, Camomot Franza Rd., Labangon, Cebu City
Contact: 09164371532 (Maribeth)


For those living outside of the Philippines and you would like to help:


Important announcements:

From Viber:

In light of the current situation in the Philippines, we are opening a temporary service, allowing Filipino users to call regular (non Viber) numbers outside of the Philippines for free. Please note that this is not a final product, so not all countries are supported and quality may vary. You may have to restart your phone for this to work.

To call someone using this service, go to any contact in Viber and tap any of the numbers listed next to “Viber Out”.

Call your family now. Let them know you are ok!

For details and list of supported countries, visit

From PAL Express and Cebu Pacific:

BTW. PAL Express and Cebu Pacific is shuttling around 20 Flights daily from Tacloban To Cebu for FREE, yes for FREE. This was announced today by Secretary Almendras. Only from tacloban to Cebu are free, to go to your final destination will no longer be free. You just have to cue at the airport, have your selves listed and then good to go na. Please advise everyone…ty


Now this is probably the most heartbreaking part for me, to find about your loved ones, who have not been contacted or found yet, you can click this link to a Google Person Finder:


Any help just like what we say about make-up, goes a long a way.  Off to repacking now!



First, a shoutout.

Just want to give a quick thank you to Liz Lanuzo of, Luxasia(Audrey C.) and Za Cosmetics for the giveaway prize I won over at Liz’s blog.  And of course, my friend Tdex for picking it up for me.  Thank you!


Thank You!

Potatoing over Youtube

I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve raped the replay button on these videos:

Watched this countless times last September.  Had the best laugh at Zooey Deschanel!


And my Most Laughed At Youtube Video goes to:


Quick Review: TRESemmé Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner

Here’s a quick review of the TRESemmé Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner.

I’ve been suffering from hair-fall for more than 15 years, so obvious shampoo and conditioner variant would always be the anti-hair fall one.

LOL at that wooden board that covers the air conditioner slot which I should turn into an inspiration board…hhmmm.

I bought these bottles last January and emptied them middle of this year. That’s way enough time to have a say on a product. They’re quite cheap price-vs-quantity-wise(PHP280 each). And I was given the impression that these are salon-grade in terms of quality, because the hairstylist in the infomercial was a Japanese guy (or I could be assuming he was one ’cause he seemed chica).

So I’m going to make this quick via Pros and Cons.

TRESemmé Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo:



-gave me dry scalp = snowflakes c/o my head

-no noticeable improvement in hair fall

-my hair strands went dry

TRESemmé Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner:

-hair so soft…ahhhhhhhhh

-still gave me dry scalp. Want some snow?
-no noticeable improvement in hair fall

Overall, pretty awful of a product.  Obviously I’m not repurchasing but would I recommend it, since what does not work for me might work for you, right? Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it. The flaking alone is enough reason not to get it.

Not repurchasing, not recommending. Sorry TRESemmé. I still want to try your other products though. Got a dry shampoo?

Review: Maybelline Color Sensational in Crazy for Coffee

I just realized that I’ve never really owned a Maybelline lipstick even when it’s the cheapest among all drugstore brands available in the Philippines. I always swatch them when I get the chance to but I’ve never for once brought one to the counter to check out.

So after N years, I’ve finally bought my first Maybelline lipstick, Crazy for Coffee from the nude selection of the Colorsensational line…on sale for PHP199. ^_^


Originally, I had wanted Totally Toffee which was said to be a dupe of MAC Modesty (a nude pink that could supposedly be worn by NC40 up without being washed out). Unfortunately, it washed me out. So that was a no. There were other shades from the nudes but nothing was working on me up until I went ahead to swatch the darkest of them all, Crazy for Coffee -a subtle brick red kind of a brown.


At first, I wasn’t too impressed because I had that mindset that it had to look like Kim Kardashian’s nude lips but after a while it kind of grew on me as an MLBB shade.

Shadow or no shadow, this is pretty much the shade.
Shadow or no shadow, this is pretty much the shade.
With flash. I’ll confess, I photoshopped my femstache and my oiliness. #considerate

Intensity and gloss can be controlled by either swiping straight from the tube to really put the color out there and have that semi-gloss finish or by dabbing it on the lips to reduce gloss and mute the brown red to brown pink.
For someone with lips that chaps every now and then through out the day, I still have to wear a lip balm underneath it as it could get a little bit dry on me. It wears pretty long, having to retouch by mid-day. Not bad for a 199-peso lipstick.

It’s a very friendly brown shade that everyone can wear but I personally think that it will complement more those who are in the medium-deep/deep shade.


-Cheap at 199PHP (on sale though)
-Wears well throughout the day
-Not overpoweing brown which means all skin tones can rock this
-No annoying lipstick scent

-Not moisturizing, dry lips will have to wear lip balms underneath it.

Repurchasing? Yes!

Search is Over: My Scent

It has definitely taken a long while to find my perfect scent.
And finally I’ve found the perfect description to the scent that I truly enjoy.
If I were to describe it, I would want to smell like I take baths in fresh expensive water.
Not kidding.
How luxurious is that?

After trying out so many scents and annoying perfume sales assistants with descriptions only I can understand, I’ve finally been able to pin down what “fresh expensive water” is – clean, aquatic and all about lilies.

Enter Marks and Spencer’s Autograph Isis Eau de Toilette, regarded as an impression of L’eau d’Issey Eau de Parfum Issey Miyake for women:


I don’t really read perfume descriptions in boxes so I was going over scent over scent at Marks and Spencer.  I had spritzed Autograph Cotton on my left wrist which opened really nicely while Autograph Isis reeked of alcohol.  But I’m never about how a scent opens up, I’m all about how it dries down.  Ten minutes in, I took a sniff of both wrists, Cotton turned out to be D & G Light Blue which I wasn’t a fan of while Autograph Isis smelled clean, fresh and so me.  Even a friend said so.


I didn’t purchase it right there and then of course.  Php599 is still hard earned money, you know.  Five hours after, I can still smell that fresh scent on my right wrist.  I was sniffing happily every 20 minutes.  #high

According to, “Isis by Marks and Spencer is a Floral Aquatic fragrance for women. Isis was launched in 2011. Top note is sea notes; middle notes are rose, violet and lily-of-the-valley; base note is cedar.”

I don’t know how cedar smells (isn’t that a tree?) but all through out it’s wear which was more than 5 hours, I could still smell the freshness.  Impressed and happy that finally I found a scent that is cheaper, easy to find, easy to travel with and has amazing longevity for a eau de toilette.  While it’s a definite spring/summer scent, it can still go well with the rainy weather, think rainforest and beach.

No questions asked, definitely repurchasing.  This is so my eau de toilette scent.  Finally!

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