MAC Dreaming Dahlia on NC40-42

So let’s kick things off with a MAC lipstick I lost.  Short lived, I know.  The photos below were taken last year but I never got the chance to blog about.

MAC Dreaming Dahlia (Lustre) from the MAC Fantasy of Flowers collection.


I remember buying this last year because it was summer and orange was the official summer color.  MAC describes it as a “sheer red-coral”.

I’m always iffy about Lustre finishes because they tend to be sheer and tend to not last long but because orange was a color that isn’t popular to most Filipinos’ eyes(it’s either red or pink here in the Philippines), I think sheer or lustre would be a good start for an orange lipstick.


If I remember correctly, Dreaming Dahlia had very tiny gold glitters running through it.


Here’s how it looks on my lips with flash photography.


And here’s one without.  You can still see the glitters but it’s not stark nor tacky.


It has a tendency to go neon on me, so I prefer to just pat this on my lips instead of swiping the stick.  And because of the sheen, it made my lips look a little bit fuller but not Kylie Jenner plump.  Here’s a throwback with Dreaming Dahlia on my lips.

Horrible lighting.
Kylie. Gurl, I feel ya. #thinlips #insecurity #tbt

It stays on my lips for about 3 hours and kind of leaves a cute little stain.  The glitters don’t really stick to the skin when you remove it which is good.  It wasn’t drying either.

All in all, it’s a good shade, one that you can’t find in drugstore or local brands.  It works well on pigmented lips as well, kind of neutralizes it actually.

It is costly, 1000Php if you get it here in the Philippines.  But if you’re buying this in Rustan’s, make sure you get their Frequent Shopper card so you can earn 5Php for every 1000Php purchase.  Plus, you’re assured of the authenticity of the product(If you find a MAC lipstick online for below 500Php, that is an absolute fake!  Trust me, please).

So the big question is, would I repurchase this? I’d say definitely.  I haven’t found any dupe for this really.  I’m not sure if this is a limited shade but if MAC puts this shade out again, I’d definitely get it and never lose it ever again.




of non-intelligence and daily babbles POST #15

Wow. How long has it been?

More than a year?

A lot of things have happened.  I’ve gained back all the weight I had lost when I was 25.  We’ve moved in to a new house.  I’ve turned 30.  I’ve tried to freelance as a “makeup artist”.  And by freelance I mean, I worked for free.  I had to stop though as things did not go well with my father’s health.  I think that’s the main reason why I’ve opted out on blogging.  It didn’t sit well with me to continue blogging about makeup while my family was going through something.  Not everything is well yet but I think I can start moving forward and continue doing what I love to do.  I know my father would have wanted the same.  He was the most supportive about my love for makeup artistry.

So I should be back anytime soon.




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Long time no see!

My laptop charger has finally been shipped and I finally,after 5 years of making myself to get to do it, bought a Sanyo Eneloop charger and battery set for my 6 year old digicam. #officiallybacktoblogging 

“You know it’s …

“You know it’s your red lipstick when it makes your eyes sparkle.”


Very Quickly: Roadtesting Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder

Roadtesting Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder’s first claim for controlling excess oil(apart from toning down redness and healing blemishes).

So this could be a 3-part roadtest of the product.

too lazy to whip out my camera and upload a photo of the one I bought. Will do in the next post.

I got this from the Rustan’s sale. Original price was 750, discounted price was 398PHP.

I want to find out if this is a steal.

You Ready? Are you ready? You ain’t ready! (Sorry having LSS with 2NE1’s Falling In Love)

Let’s begin!
8:41AM – Make-up complete.

Products used:
Ellana Minerals Primer
Revlon Colorstay Liquid(Combo/Oily Formula)
Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder

9:17 – 15% oily. Seeing oil beads spewed out on some of my nose pores. A little shiny on the cheek area nearest to my nose.

No success afterall huh?

9:43 – shine percentage is the same somehow.

10:17 – oil shine increased to about 20% on cheek areas near the nose, forehead and chin. nose pores still spewing oil beads.

11:05 – Getting my regular shine now. Time to blot.

2 hours and 30 minutes for oil control. Not good enough I guess with the primer and Revlon Colorstay underneath it.

Current score: 0/3

Delaying Tactics

I think I’ll stop writing haul posts.

Favorites or Hits and Misses are better than haul posts.

Hauls usually are first impressions and most of the time first impressions do not last when it comes to beauty.

I’m trying to empty out every single product I own before purchasing or writing about anything.

Aside from the fact that it’s economical, it will also allow the product to really work its claims on my skin.

There’s two products that I ranted about in a previous post that I’m using again now.  There’s also a product that I approved of in one  my haul post that I just realized wasn’t working on my skin -One of the reasons why I haven’t been posting any reviews.

Another “I take it back” post coming for sure.

So for the meantime, here’s a video that I love watching over and over again, especially when I’m down and in need of a life inspiration.

And I’ve finally sat down with Kattera to give my 2cents on this year’s Binibining Pilipinas candidates.

Let me say this though, the assignment to give comments about the candidates’ make-up was something I was very hesitant to do since I’m no expert in make-up.  The only thing I got going for me is my being a judgemental person! LOL!  But seriously, we really sat down to see what we feel could make a candidate win.  We were in Tyra and Donald Trump mode all throughout the night.  I hope our comments help.  So watch out for Kattera’s blog post about it.

Til my empties!



For the record…

I’m alive.
Just really finding time to pound on the keyboard so I can give a decent review of the hauls I’ve promised to blog about.
Imma try to finish my work today and see if I could insert a haul post from more than a month ago.

very quickly: Lewis and Pearl oil control face and body powder

dammmnnn!! 19 pesos!!

Lewis and Pearl oil control face and body powder!

Where have you been (Rihanna sing!)

Imma road test it tomorrow.

Let’s see if what I read on girl talk is true.

It’s been raved well in that forum.

Cant wait for tomorrow!

19 pesos man! 19 pesos!

Haul #2 2013 Edition – Base

Base Time!



I seriously just want to talk about the Ellana Minerals primer.  The 4U2 BB Cream just wasn’t doing it for me.  If you have normal skin, in the MAC 30s, and have your own sunscreen then grab one as it is cheap, like 180something pesos.  But if you have oily skin, medium deep and expects a miracle, then ya better skip it!

So now onto the Ellana Minerals Make It Last Makeup Primer.

20ml; 280PHP; IT Park Bazaar (check the Ellana Minerals website as well).


-has that slip that one looks for in a primer for make-up to glide easily

-works well with my foundations, doesn’t separate them like what the Porefessional did to my Revlon Colorstay

-didn’t break me out


-silicone based, might not be good for some

-doesn’t control oil

-just 20ml.

-it’s not that impressive in terms of making the makeup last longer

Would I repurchase? Primers, as far as the ones I’ve tried, have never really impressed me in terms of oil control and making makeup last longer.  But just so that I can have a primer so that makeup application will always be easy, I will, in someways, repurchase this.

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