Quick Review: The Body Shop Shea Sugar Body Scrub

Body product review time!

The Body Shop’s Shea Sugar Body Scrub.


I was supposed to get The Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter Body Scrub which I truly loved but unfortunately has been discontinued.

The Shea Sugar Body Scrub and Chocolate Body scrubs were the only scrubs on sale for 700+ something pesos.  I picked the former because I felt it was the better choice for my very dry skin.  Bad idea.


This was disgustingly oily even when rinsed.  I don’t think it exfoliates well compared to the Cocoa Butter.  I don’t think it exfoliates at all.  The sugar scrubs melt within a few rubbing.  Think 2 rubs.  Just doesn’t work even when you apply it over dry(not damp) skin or wet skin.

look at how oily it is over dry skin

The oil does not get absorbed by the skin.  I don’t know what kind of dry skin one should have to appreciate this.  This should have been discontinued instead of the Cocoa Butter which I now believe is repackaged as the Chocolate scrub.  Damn!  Should have gone with that Chocolate one!  Can’t return, unfortunately.

Never getting this ever.  Don’t ever get this.  You will regret it.  There I said it.



Avon’s City Rush For Her


After having a sniff of this from the Avon catalog, I thought I was going to love this. Add the fact that Mila Jovovich was endorsing it.
Again, after sniffing this from a piece of paper…what in the world was I thinking????
At 999 pesos, I thought it was a good price for an Avon perfume with positive reviews.
Like 3 bloggers loved this perfume. And they all mentioned that the staying power was amazing. And it also got great reviews from Like it rated 4.18 out of 5.

According to one of the reviewers:
“Top notes of bergamot, plum, and crisp ivy greens; Middle notes: Seductive black dahlia, rose, and orchid, and base notes are creamy woods, patchouli flower and silky musk notes.
Nose behind City Rush is Annie Buzantian.”

Oh gosh…why am I not loving this. I actually complained to Avon about this. But they were like, “it smells great!”.
No it doesn’t.
I actually asked them to buy my bottle for half the price if it smelled great. No takers! Pffft. There goes your bluff!


I seriously don’t know what black dahlia smells like, but damn is it awful. I don’t smell the sophistication. I smell headache-inducing odor. I do smell the creamy vanilla. And yes, it lasts all day long which is awful because no matter how much alcohol, soap and water I’ve used to wash it off, the smell still sticks.
It smells like men’s perfume.
I believe I got the wrong bottle.
Or maybe the bottles were under the sun for too long?

I took a whiff of this again(sprayed in front of me and dove my nose in) just to be sure, ugh, I just can’t appreciate it. And that’s not on my skin. So it really is the smell.
I sprayed on my skin(following the instructions on the box) and I do smell the florals, the sweetness and the creamy vanilla then it goes powdery, like half of the scent is powdery. Still gagged.

But wait, I was able to visit a Chanel counter recently, and sniffed at one of those ridiculously expensive perfumes and one of them was reminiscent of the strength City Rush had, I think it was Noir? I can’t remember, but I’m surprised some women and men actually have a thing for something that’s smells really strong on women..????
And everyone, almost everyone on Fragnatica’s been comparing this to Gucci Guilty which I haven’t sniffed which rates 3.9 on

But because it’s getting colder here in the Philippines, this scent just might work. I don’t know. It really is too strong. My officemates said so too.

I’m just not convinced that it’s a good scent.
Like a scent that can get you compliments. I mean yeah sure, people will ask you for the name of the perfume but I don’t think they’ll tell you that you smell good with it.
It just isn’t a scent that will make a man tell you that he has fallen in love with you.
Neither do I think women will find you intimidating or end up admiring you.
I’m sorry I got to stop.
It’s like all these “sophisticated” ingredients were mixed together and just bombed. Literally. Like tanked.
Stopping now.

1000 PESOS PUT TO WASTE! Actually more than that because I had to go to the Mandaue Branch just to complain. And I didn’t get anything out of it. UGH!

Sorry, City Rush just isn’t for me.
Either that or I got a bad bottle of it.

My offer still stands. Half off. Cebu City buyers only.

I want to drop my 2 cents on Brilliante Mendoza’s Captive

So…yesterday, me and my friend randomly watched Captive. We had planned to watch it after seeing the trailer on tv a week ago but didn’t really have a set schedule for it. Until I saw him out of his office while I was on my way to eat brunch alone yesterday. We ate lunch and thought hey why not watch Captive now? So we asked Kattera to check out what cinema houses were showing the film since we had no access to internet at that time. Apparently, SM was the only mall showing it. With 30 minutes ’til the scheduled start of the film, we got our butts off our chairs and “cabbed” our way to the mall. Four minutes left, and we were in the movie house with no one inside. It was 12:30 noon. What were you expecting?
Best seats in the house ever! We were seated right smack in the middle of the balcony, right in front of the movie screen. Best seats IN DA HAUS Y’ALL!!!
Well, we better get good seats, we paid 180 Pesos to see this film. Back in the day, it was only 60 Pesos. Now, it’s 3 times more expensive! This movie better be that good! Then again, it was a Brilliante Mendoza film so we kinda felt like we were shelling out good money.
And so with only 7 people inside, the film started to roll.

Captive Poster


I’m not really going to tell you the story of the movie. OK I somehow will. In a nutshell, it’s about the abduction of the Dos Palmas guests back in ’01 (Remember Gracia Burnham?) by the Abu Sayaff. We all are familiar with it. So I thought this was a film that was easy to tell.
Then the first cross fire happens. Shit’s about to go down! I held on to my seat. This is when you feel for the hostages. They were in a lose-lose situation. They could seriously get killed from bullets that were meant for their captors. So a series of cross fire goes on through out the movie. After the cross fire, they all try to move away, move to another spot in the jungle, some short conversations or plot happens then another cross fire happens then another plot then cross fire then Brilliante films a woman giving birth, like baby coming out of a vagina right in front of you then cross fire again, moves to another spot, some minor plot or conflict, then cross fire, then hostages are released, then cross fire, then release, then cross fire, then minor plot, and you’re thinking “no one’s getting raped?” ’cause you know a rape scene is basic in these types of stories and someone finally gets raped and no it wasn’t Mercedes Cabral (I had my money on her) then cross fire and the movie tells you it’s been a year, then Coco Martin shows up only to eat Ligo sardines and cross fire and casualties are a lot more because apparently it’s the end of the film.
So basically it’s like watching a series. Cross fires are an indication of the end or start of an episode within this film.

The cross fires will drain you.
After the 1st half of the film, you will get tired of the movie.
You can tell that I’m getting disappointed. (Which I wasn’t right after I saw the film, I was actually trying to justify the 180 pesos this movie got me to pay).
Brilliante better bring out something brilliant.
Now, it’s a Brilliante Mendoza film, expectations are high (since that Palm D’or Award he was given). So I was expecting a good gritty film that could tell a story. Unfortunately, this film didn’t even care to give a good backstory. The only backstory it could give was about Sid Lucero’s character, a ruthless Abu Sayaff who gets a knack out of killing. It was subtle. If you’re dumb, you missed the one and only backstory in this movie. It didn’t even bother to tell how Therese, Isabelle Hupert’s character left her family in France and ended up in the 3rd world jungle to become a social worker. Not even the old woman’s (Soledad I believe was the character’s name) story was told. That would have been a really good tearjerker. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, the movie does not get you emotionally attached to any character at all. Not even the Abu Sayaff kid who Therese(Hupert) has grown fond of (Therese is a mother to 2 boys and 1 girl). Well he did mention that the reason why he didn’t want to join lessons that the hostages were teaching to kids in a school they sought refuge was because his parents got killed while he was in school. But nothing really solid was built. The relationships among the characters were not really established properly. Blame the cross fires.
It even got to the point where I thought Therese was turning into a Mary Kay Letourneau!

I wish there was at least one good conversation among the characters. One that ran deep. Maybe there was one. But no it still wasn’t among the characters.
It was actually from one character to the audience.
One of the foreign hostages was asked by a media personnel (brought by Joel Torre’s character to the location) about how she felt being a hostage for a year now. She started slow, pacing the emotions, building it to anguish, about how she felt like as if she was abandoned, that no one cared for her and her husband who was still in captivity, finally showing disgust to the people she thought who were supposed to rescue them. This was the only scene that got me.
Kudos to that actress( I think her character’s name was Sophie) who I suspect was Gracia Burnham in the movie.

Now prior to writing this, I actually wanted to point out the actors who were in it to win it.  This is a movie with no “actors” from any of the giant tv networks’ “talent” pool.
I don’t know all the actors but let me try to remember who was good, mediocre and disappointing.
Let’s start with Isabelle Hupert. Bad. I just read her wikipedia page and it mentioned that she’s a really good screen actor. Well not in this movie. For me, I found her overacting in it. She wasn’t able to get into her character. Her acting did not match the profile of her character. She couldn’t create pace. She just couldn’t tell a story through her acting. #sorry Was there even a profile to begin with?
Next actor, Sid Lucero. Scary Good! He was scary. He was into it. He didn’t have that TV smile we all are familiar with all through out the movie. He was scary, ruthless, ill-tempered. You don’t want to mess with him. If you’re familiar with the tabloid story about him hitting a staff from a hardware shop, this could have been the reason why -method acting.
Angel Aquino. Naturally good. Like as if her character was a real person in a real situation.
Mercedes Cabral. She’s supposed to be Brilliante’s muse but he didn’t even give a fuck about her.
Mon Confiado. Goodbye Security Guard roles. Hello terrorist! I’ve always believed that you are one versatile actor. I don’t know why you don’t get tv breaks like Cherrie Pie Picache does.
And there was the Bank executive’s wife. She went mad at the first cross fire. She translated the emotions so well. Again, it’s all about keeping it real.
Allan Paule, I wanted to like him because I felt like he did a good job but I’ve seen that characterization in previous Allan Paule actings.
Tado was being the Abu Sayaff version of Tado. He was Tado with a gun. Very unfortunate.
And the teacher in the school (one of the comedians in the 90’s along with Zorayda) was good as well.
To me, it doesn’t matter if you’re only in the movie for a few seconds but for as long as you become your character then you’re good in my book.

So having complained this much, would I recommend the film?
Ya’know, it’s definitely a “refreshing” film. Finally it could be the end of a dark era in Philippine Cinema, cheap Star Cinema flicks that’s just out to get fast money. But it’s not a good film to be acquainted with Brilliante Mendoza (it’s my first time to see his movie), not because it has gruesome stuff in it(which we can all handle) but because it was a movie that could not nail a single story. (Check out Elephant by Gus Van Sant to know what I’m talking about, to think that film had so many characters and vantage points!).

Brilliante may not be so brilliant afterall.

I just wouldn’t pay 180 pesos to see this film.


Note: I have no film background but I am a paying movie-goer who justifies every peso I pay for a film.




of non-intelligence and daily babbles POST #14

Last Week in my World…

Finally won something!
About last week, I had won an Yves Rocher handcream over at YEY!!! I’m more excited about the fact that I had won a raffle giveaway.
I’ve emailed my shipping address but have not received a reply so Im not too sure if I’ll ever get to receive it. But at least I can say I won a raffle!!!

Then something funny really happened last week, high school crush posted a comment on one of my status. Oh memories of high school. It was cute and sweet but it’s all in the past.

Then I tried using the Neutrogena HydroBoost Water Gel one more time after swearing never to use it again the first time I used it.  My pores went larger again!  So never again. To Neutrogena, Can I return it and get a refund and get some pore treatment?

2 weeks ago I saw 3 movies, The Hunger Games, Hello Stranger and The Vow. If I were to watch one of the 3 films again, I think I’d have the stomach to watch Hello Stranger.
Not my favorite movie but there are scenes in there that I really liked that I wish Filipino cinematographers can execute in their films. To Filipino Movie Makers, if you were to make cheesy movies please for the love of God, do it with a lot of heart and don’t just do it for the paycheck (lookin’ at you Star Cinema, who I remember back in the day made really good movies, although the endings are always cliche -Madrasta, Magic Temple, AngTV the movie, Batang PX, Separada, Sana Maulit Muli, Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara, Sarah ang munting Prinsesa, Pare Ko(I can watch this over and over again), Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa (my all time favorite Filipino movie), Dekada 70, Ang Lalake Sa Buhay ni Selya (which I only saw snippets as a kid and gave me an impression that it was a good film and I should watch it when I turn 18..unfortunately I havent seen it yet now that I’m 27 :( ), Anak, and Got 2 Believe which I think started all these love song titled films. The difference between Got 2 Believe and all these Star Cinema manufactured romcoms was….everything! From story to actors to editing. I’m even convinced that 27 Dresses stole its story from Got 2 Believe but never got to be better than the latter.

Wait, why am I talking about  all these Filipino movies??

Getting back on track.

Speaking of movies, and Filipino movies at that (which I had no intention of talking about), I heard that the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) is discouraging Foreign Acts to stage performances in the country because they feel that it’s trumping the OPM industry.

Please allow me to put my 2 cents in.

Dear OPM, How in the world do you expect us to support you when all you come up with are renditions of foreign and local songs????
When was the last time any of you came up with an all original album?
When was the last time you launched an original song with much creativity??
Any independent artist can easily answer my question but to OPM, when was the last time you supported the independent artists??  When you have these indie acts or bands on your variety shows, why in the world must you put in one of your mainstay singers only to murder the song?!! That’s very disrespectful and I am always offended by that.
In variety shows, what songs do you perform to? Are they yours? Or are they from foreign acts like Lady Gaga and Beyonce? No need for you to answer.
So to OPM, stop complaining to consumers at how you’re not getting enough support when you’re not in fact giving us consumers any type of creative output.

Everytime you stage large events, you always end it by singing Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika over and over and over again.

I’m so sick of it.

Look at KPop, they have their own songs, now look at you, you’re trying to be KPop. Can’t you tell why no one’s willing to shell out money for you?
If I had 5,000 Pesos to watch either Jessie J or Pops Fernandez on the same night, who do you think would I pick?
Now I ask you the same question.


Now I need me a drink.

of non-intelligence and daily babbles POST # 12

I dont know if its just me or has my La Opisina gone a little bit toxic lately.

You know how it is when someone tries to make things difficult for you?

Like there isn’t any issue to begin with but because she’s just probably having a bad day and she feels like you’re making it worse or maybe wants to rub it on your face that you can’t win over her she then gives you that take-it-or-leave-it tone???

Have you met someone like that? I have this officemate, I mean we’re good. We hang out a lot..we actually form part of a trio then she gets bad days or days when she just doesnt want to give in, it can be annoying as hell but you give it to her ’cause it wont be the end of the world if you give into her.  And then one day when you just can’t give in, she gets ultimately annoyed and acts like on of those girls from the movie “Mean Girls”, isolates you, tries to ditch you, doesnt ask you to join her for lunch, tells everybody else how agitated she is with what you’ve done and basically asks them to ignore you too and they fucking do!


I’m not one to give anyone a bunchload of bullshits.  I tell things as it is.  I don’t like lying because I’ve poor memory so remembering a lie is a horrible responsibility for me to take let alone pretending everything’s OK.   When I can sense something is not fine, I say it right there and then.

Unfortunately, some people can’t take the frankness.  When you finally dare to ask them what’s wrong, what the issue is, they pretend that things are ok.   Seriously, if you just tell me what your issues are I’m sure we can fix it.  But for as long as you’re going to pretend that things are fine when we all know it’s not since you’re doing stuff behind my back then I will let things be.  Be as selfish as you want to be but if things go wrong and you look at me for some kind of help, please don’t expect it, I happen to be a bitch.



of non-intelligence and daily babbles POST # 11

i kinda feel bad for those who had to marry out of convenience…then again why not?

maybe i should seriously consider it.

of non-intelligence and daily babbles POST #10

Some random rant.

I was on facebook when one of my facebook friends (READ: Not considered as friend in real life) posted how excited he was to shoot for his first pre-nuptials.

Let me get this out…you are not close to good. You only have a DSLR. You are no better than those with digital cameras. Your DSLR -produced photos are so bad we cringe at the sight of them.  You make us feel worse when you try to fish for good comments from us.


Same goes out to all you idiots who buy into this kind of shit.

I need to get me some booze.NOW.

of non-intelligence and daily babbles POST # 9

A few years back, accountants were threatened of technology in the form of the accounting software. Today, it’s the system administrators and IT teams who are threatened by  technology. Thanks cloud computing!

Just like what I said 5 years ago “Eat that, IT!”

That’s for acting like gods.

of non-intelligence and daily babbles POST # 8

im supposed to be busy today.
i have a meeting tomorrow at 8 in the morning and an event the entire afternoon, i’m flying out to timber city this sunday for some hardcore project implementation that’ll run for more than a week and then i’ll be a year older 2 days after which means i’ll have to “cramplan” a dinner or something while on a tight budget…

…but all i could really work on today is how in the world do i get my puopeegirl to update her wardrobe!


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