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Last Week in my World…

Finally won something!
About last week, I had won an Yves Rocher handcream over at YEY!!! I’m more excited about the fact that I had won a raffle giveaway.
I’ve emailed my shipping address but have not received a reply so Im not too sure if I’ll ever get to receive it. But at least I can say I won a raffle!!!

Then something funny really happened last week, high school crush posted a comment on one of my status. Oh memories of high school. It was cute and sweet but it’s all in the past.

Then I tried using the Neutrogena HydroBoost Water Gel one more time after swearing never to use it again the first time I used it.  My pores went larger again!  So never again. To Neutrogena, Can I return it and get a refund and get some pore treatment?

2 weeks ago I saw 3 movies, The Hunger Games, Hello Stranger and The Vow. If I were to watch one of the 3 films again, I think I’d have the stomach to watch Hello Stranger.
Not my favorite movie but there are scenes in there that I really liked that I wish Filipino cinematographers can execute in their films. To Filipino Movie Makers, if you were to make cheesy movies please for the love of God, do it with a lot of heart and don’t just do it for the paycheck (lookin’ at you Star Cinema, who I remember back in the day made really good movies, although the endings are always cliche -Madrasta, Magic Temple, AngTV the movie, Batang PX, Separada, Sana Maulit Muli, Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara, Sarah ang munting Prinsesa, Pare Ko(I can watch this over and over again), Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa (my all time favorite Filipino movie), Dekada 70, Ang Lalake Sa Buhay ni Selya (which I only saw snippets as a kid and gave me an impression that it was a good film and I should watch it when I turn 18..unfortunately I havent seen it yet now that I’m 27 :( ), Anak, and Got 2 Believe which I think started all these love song titled films. The difference between Got 2 Believe and all these Star Cinema manufactured romcoms was….everything! From story to actors to editing. I’m even convinced that 27 Dresses stole its story from Got 2 Believe but never got to be better than the latter.

Wait, why am I talking about  all these Filipino movies??

Getting back on track.

Speaking of movies, and Filipino movies at that (which I had no intention of talking about), I heard that the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) is discouraging Foreign Acts to stage performances in the country because they feel that it’s trumping the OPM industry.

Please allow me to put my 2 cents in.

Dear OPM, How in the world do you expect us to support you when all you come up with are renditions of foreign and local songs????
When was the last time any of you came up with an all original album?
When was the last time you launched an original song with much creativity??
Any independent artist can easily answer my question but to OPM, when was the last time you supported the independent artists??  When you have these indie acts or bands on your variety shows, why in the world must you put in one of your mainstay singers only to murder the song?!! That’s very disrespectful and I am always offended by that.
In variety shows, what songs do you perform to? Are they yours? Or are they from foreign acts like Lady Gaga and Beyonce? No need for you to answer.
So to OPM, stop complaining to consumers at how you’re not getting enough support when you’re not in fact giving us consumers any type of creative output.

Everytime you stage large events, you always end it by singing Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika over and over and over again.

I’m so sick of it.

Look at KPop, they have their own songs, now look at you, you’re trying to be KPop. Can’t you tell why no one’s willing to shell out money for you?
If I had 5,000 Pesos to watch either Jessie J or Pops Fernandez on the same night, who do you think would I pick?
Now I ask you the same question.


Now I need me a drink.


Thoughts on The Artist.

After the Zohan DVD got wonky 50 minutes into the movie, the waiting lounge’s receptionist had to pop in a new disc for everyone’s (actually, I was the only one around in the waiting lounge) viewing pleasure.

Press play The Artist.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready to watch the most talked-about film leading to the Oscars, but my butt was stuck to where I was seated which was right across the flat screen TV and I failed to convince myself to move out of the seat hence ended up watching the contemporary silent film.

The fact that it was a silent film in black and white didn’t turn me off as most “kids” my age were feeling about it since I grew up seeing clips of silent black and white movies by way of Charlie Chaplin and Mickey Mouse (as to how I did, I do not remember).  And the last film I got invested in was 1957’s 12 Angry Men and the fact that I’m not huge on CGI,  it was easy to muster enough energy for this.

The first scene made me feel like as if I was watching a legit silent film from the AFI archives.  I’m not sure if it felt cool or if it felt eerie.  Maybe both.

I had no clue what I was up for until I recognized John Goodman(he slimmed down!) and hearing that this won under the comedy category I thought I must be in for some laughs.  Boy was I wrong!  I barely laughed and I broke down 3 times! In an office waiting lounge!

So onto the film.

I can divide the film into two parts.  First part was all about how the film introduces the conflict(upto the part where John Goodman’s character tells George Valentin, a celebrated silent actor, that talkies was the future of film) while the second part was all about stitching cliches(starts when George Valentin says he’s not having any of that “future”).  From that point on I knew where the story was headed and was eager to spot parts that I had predicted (I predicted Uggy the dog being pawned off so Mr. Valentin can buy another bottle of liquor which never happened thank God or else my breakdown-and-cry count for this film would have been 4).

Using the word “cliche” to describe the 2nd half  might make the movie sound less appealing to whoever is reading this but this is actually the part where all the impeccable acting chops come out.  Just zoom into Jean Du Jardin’s eyes for most part of the film and you’ll still get pierced by the emotion he was conveying.   He was that impeccable. 

I’ve to give props to Penelope Ann Miller who played Doris the protagonist’s wife.  Although her scenes were short, her series of subtle and authentic 1920s depiction of marital disappointment made me feel for her.  A clap-worthy scene was when her character could no longer fathom the feeling of being forsaken,  she throws a fit and a newspaper to hit Uggy and was accurately horrified after realizing what she just had done.  I went from an Uggy fangirl to #teamDoris.  I understood her.  I empathized with her.

And how can you not go awwwwww for Clifton the chauffeur? Yeah, ’cause that’s all what I really did everytime he came out.

It’s not a complicated story with twists you can’t wait to come your way nor is it visually ground breaking that could all potentially lead to a cinematic orgasm(say whut?).  And although there were times when I found some confused acting, whether to be authentic to the era or act as is, where is(as Filipino actress Eugene Domingo puts it in Ang Babae sa Septic Tank and yes I’m talking about you Ms. Bejo),  The Artist is a definite actor’s showcase with a clear handling of a conflict we can all relate to at some point in our lives.  Simply put, it is a pleasurable film to watch that pays homage to the lost craft.

our office computers got k9ed.
but i can still picnik!

update: their homepage says they’re up until April 19, 2012.


but as a parting gift, all premium functions are now for free!


update2: they’re now moving to google+

i don’t have one and i’m sick of another account to manage.


i hope google+ has not been k9ed.

update3: i can google+!

i’m not sure how i feel about having to create/manage another account.

seriously, can we just make Facebook the universal social networking site?

just keep clicking.

Since almost everyone owns a DSLR, I’ve neglected using my camera, a Canon Powershot A590.   Hey, it’s a lot more fun to pose than click except when I have SPF on my face!

But sometimes you miss those moments of possibly capturing a gem.

My gems aren’t extraordinary but for someone who carelessly clicks away, it can be very gratifying.

booze after work

I thank the cars passing by last night.

hey you!

Had no clue about Mr. Creature ’til I uploaded this photo.  How cool does Mr. Creature look chillin’ in the bud?


we were waiting for a cab when i took this. i wanted to see if my camera (very low end) can catch light from a moving car (not a car, a truck passed by actually) the way i wanted it to. and it did! im happy. ^_^

These pictures were taken last november 2009 in Panglao, Bohol. I didn’t get to sleep well so i just waited for the sun to rise. I’ve always been in love with the blue/purple horizon before the sun actually rises (and glares back at you).

Too bad I was the only one awake in my group to witness these.

for videoke purposes (ahahahahahaha). Sing to “Lumayo ka man sa akin”

reposting: Dream Come True: A Visit to the Ciudad Real de Acuzar Heritage complex

Note: I previoulsy posted this on my multiply site…publicity work i guess?hahaha.

or probably just showing off where I’ve been to.tee hee.

Dream Come True: A Visit to the Ciudad Real de Acuzar Heritage complex

This made my Bataan trip complete.

Simply breathtaking.

I could not believe that the stars aligned for me that day.

For those who aren’t aware about Ciudad de Acuzar, here’s the lo-down: Select famous heritage houses across Luzon were torn down and reconstructed/restored in this villa. They even got the original (read: 1867) UP Fine Arts building-the Escuela De Bellas Artes which stood on Hidalgo St., Quiapo. Seeing the building, touching the walls, climbing the original staircase(which was scary) and just being inside the building for 5 minutes almost made me cry.

If I was a Fine Arts major I would have really cried.God, it was such a moment.

Super duper extra mega sobrang thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to get there. My cousins Richard (who finally got the name of the place;there was no mention of the name or exact location of the place when I first saw it on Tablescapes), Dunlop (for driving us there), JR (for walking with me around the villa), Taba (dapat ka nang tumakbo bilang Governor ng Bataan!Ang daming mong kakilala doon!Ayos ang mga chikang nahagilap!) Tito Danny (for getting Larry de Mesa to write a letter to Ruben the Caretaker), Larry de Mesa (who wrote the letter) and Mr. Acuzar (not sure if his name is Ben), the owner of the place (haba ng hair ko, he chatted with us for a while) for allowing us to get inside and take pictures of the gorgeous villa.

I remember him joking about the place as a “kalokohan”. Wow ha, his “kalokohan” is so expensive! Then he got serious by saying that the youth these days call the malls their “heritage”, we’ve forgotten about the Filipino heritage and that’s the reason why he thought of building this villa. *cough etchos cough* just kidding. ^_^

So do make sure to visit this place. It will become open to the public by 2011.

Swerte ko noh? And with that, I will start revisiting museums this 2009.

one of the houses in the compound

inside one of the houses

me chilling inside

i wanted to run away with one of these.

a bad shot of  Escuela De Bellas Artes – UP Fine Arts

a look at some of the houses within the compound

the owner in a calesa, my three cousins, and a remodelled Escolta

over a cup of coffee

the aroma from the brew.

the interesting things in life.

the conversations that take you around the world.

and the moments that just make you smile.


At  dinner (Banana Leaf), Eloise asked me to lead the prayer which I don’t really do.

But since she’s the birthday girl, I did it and ended up with something like a wedding toast speech.

We were chuckling during the prayer while Eloise was intently listening to it.

I felt so bad that I couldn’t come up with something creative.

(Then again, I’ve never heard of a “creative prayer” before.)

I thanked God for sharing Eloise to us and to the world.

Love you lots.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

cake courtesy of Cappriccio

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