Life Lessons

Life Lessons #3

Never ever ever skip dinner when you know you are going out for drinks on the same night.




Life Lessons #2

Remember, an opinion is not a fact.  It doesn’t equate to the truth.

So don’t impose it.

If it’s a negative opinion, try to rethink it and rephrase it nicely if you can’t help it.

Just be as tact as you can be.

And respect will be given to you.


A memo to an officemate.





Life Lesson # 1

Never ever add these 2 kinds of people to your Facebook:

1. Your boss.

2. Assholes in the office.

‘Cause when you start venting out on Facebook about the company you work for (which is likely to happen), you will get the axe!

Ya hear!

Note: This life lesson is based from real life experience.  And no, it’s not mine.

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