Search is Over: My Scent

It has definitely taken a long while to find my perfect scent.
And finally I’ve found the perfect description to the scent that I truly enjoy.
If I were to describe it, I would want to smell like I take baths in fresh expensive water.
Not kidding.
How luxurious is that?

After trying out so many scents and annoying perfume sales assistants with descriptions only I can understand, I’ve finally been able to pin down what “fresh expensive water” is – clean, aquatic and all about lilies.

Enter Marks and Spencer’s Autograph Isis Eau de Toilette, regarded as an impression of L’eau d’Issey Eau de Parfum Issey Miyake for women:


I don’t really read perfume descriptions in boxes so I was going over scent over scent at Marks and Spencer.  I had spritzed Autograph Cotton on my left wrist which opened really nicely while Autograph Isis reeked of alcohol.  But I’m never about how a scent opens up, I’m all about how it dries down.  Ten minutes in, I took a sniff of both wrists, Cotton turned out to be D & G Light Blue which I wasn’t a fan of while Autograph Isis smelled clean, fresh and so me.  Even a friend said so.


I didn’t purchase it right there and then of course.  Php599 is still hard earned money, you know.  Five hours after, I can still smell that fresh scent on my right wrist.  I was sniffing happily every 20 minutes.  #high

According to, “Isis by Marks and Spencer is a Floral Aquatic fragrance for women. Isis was launched in 2011. Top note is sea notes; middle notes are rose, violet and lily-of-the-valley; base note is cedar.”

I don’t know how cedar smells (isn’t that a tree?) but all through out it’s wear which was more than 5 hours, I could still smell the freshness.  Impressed and happy that finally I found a scent that is cheaper, easy to find, easy to travel with and has amazing longevity for a eau de toilette.  While it’s a definite spring/summer scent, it can still go well with the rainy weather, think rainforest and beach.

No questions asked, definitely repurchasing.  This is so my eau de toilette scent.  Finally!


—– ——– —


I couldn’t do it on facebook ’cause I’m a wuss.

Happy Birthday.

of non-intelligence and daily babbles POST #14

Last Week in my World…

Finally won something!
About last week, I had won an Yves Rocher handcream over at YEY!!! I’m more excited about the fact that I had won a raffle giveaway.
I’ve emailed my shipping address but have not received a reply so Im not too sure if I’ll ever get to receive it. But at least I can say I won a raffle!!!

Then something funny really happened last week, high school crush posted a comment on one of my status. Oh memories of high school. It was cute and sweet but it’s all in the past.

Then I tried using the Neutrogena HydroBoost Water Gel one more time after swearing never to use it again the first time I used it.  My pores went larger again!  So never again. To Neutrogena, Can I return it and get a refund and get some pore treatment?

2 weeks ago I saw 3 movies, The Hunger Games, Hello Stranger and The Vow. If I were to watch one of the 3 films again, I think I’d have the stomach to watch Hello Stranger.
Not my favorite movie but there are scenes in there that I really liked that I wish Filipino cinematographers can execute in their films. To Filipino Movie Makers, if you were to make cheesy movies please for the love of God, do it with a lot of heart and don’t just do it for the paycheck (lookin’ at you Star Cinema, who I remember back in the day made really good movies, although the endings are always cliche -Madrasta, Magic Temple, AngTV the movie, Batang PX, Separada, Sana Maulit Muli, Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara, Sarah ang munting Prinsesa, Pare Ko(I can watch this over and over again), Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa (my all time favorite Filipino movie), Dekada 70, Ang Lalake Sa Buhay ni Selya (which I only saw snippets as a kid and gave me an impression that it was a good film and I should watch it when I turn 18..unfortunately I havent seen it yet now that I’m 27 :( ), Anak, and Got 2 Believe which I think started all these love song titled films. The difference between Got 2 Believe and all these Star Cinema manufactured romcoms was….everything! From story to actors to editing. I’m even convinced that 27 Dresses stole its story from Got 2 Believe but never got to be better than the latter.

Wait, why am I talking about  all these Filipino movies??

Getting back on track.

Speaking of movies, and Filipino movies at that (which I had no intention of talking about), I heard that the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) is discouraging Foreign Acts to stage performances in the country because they feel that it’s trumping the OPM industry.

Please allow me to put my 2 cents in.

Dear OPM, How in the world do you expect us to support you when all you come up with are renditions of foreign and local songs????
When was the last time any of you came up with an all original album?
When was the last time you launched an original song with much creativity??
Any independent artist can easily answer my question but to OPM, when was the last time you supported the independent artists??  When you have these indie acts or bands on your variety shows, why in the world must you put in one of your mainstay singers only to murder the song?!! That’s very disrespectful and I am always offended by that.
In variety shows, what songs do you perform to? Are they yours? Or are they from foreign acts like Lady Gaga and Beyonce? No need for you to answer.
So to OPM, stop complaining to consumers at how you’re not getting enough support when you’re not in fact giving us consumers any type of creative output.

Everytime you stage large events, you always end it by singing Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika over and over and over again.

I’m so sick of it.

Look at KPop, they have their own songs, now look at you, you’re trying to be KPop. Can’t you tell why no one’s willing to shell out money for you?
If I had 5,000 Pesos to watch either Jessie J or Pops Fernandez on the same night, who do you think would I pick?
Now I ask you the same question.


Now I need me a drink.


About 5 years ago while I was still in school, I told myself I have to be an entrepreneur when I hit the age of 25. I have to have my own business.  When I was first interviewed for my job 4 years ago, I was asked by the company President, “How do you see yourself 5 years from now?” I quipped, “I have my own business, a “mini-conglomerate”.” He asked what kind of business and I told him I wanted to own a cafe/bar that was quaint and away from the crowd, and a business related to fashion and make-up as well.  That answer irked him for a while, I was applying for a job in the IT industry after all.  Cosmetics, Fashion and Social drinking seemed like a far fetched idea for him, a complete 360 degrees.

Fast forward to four years and a couple of months after that interview, one of my closest friends messaged me that he needed to work after bumming for 2 years, that he needs to be busy, that he needs to have a business and that if I could join him.  He asked me what I wanted, I answered what I exactly told my boss 4 years ago, to have a cafe/bar.  In a matter of 2 or 3 days, we saw ourselves, with another close friend who we met in college and had shared the same idea, planning  from the concept, layout, location down to the financials.  We were keen on making it happen.

Finding the right place for the cafe/bar was probably the most difficult and depressing part of the planning.  We were seriously struggling.  We found so many locations, good and cheap ones, that we were ready to rent but someone would always beat us to it.  After 3 months since that first August conversation, we finally found our spot.  We’ve finally started to roll. We’re now renovating.

I’m not going to lie, this venture scares me but at the same time it excites me so much I wanted to quit my job.  It’s amusing that what I had dreamed of 5 years ago when I was just some shirt/shorts/slippers kind of a student would actually happen.  Realizing all that almost made me cry the other night.

I am about to become a business owner.

When you have vision, a dream, something you’re serious about but unsure of the results, there’s only one thing to do, go make it happen!

And did I forget to mention that I just turned 25 last September?


Straight from my tumblr: I wanna have Charice’s voice!

It’s a repost from my tumblr:

If I had one wish that anyone can grant…I seriously want to have killer vocals like Charice Pempengco’s.

Top picture: Charice Pempengco on Star King singing One Moment In Time.

Bottom picture: Show’s guests getting major goosebumps.

You can  watch the video and get goosebumps (i actually cried and watched it over and over again) here->

And yes, I’ve been a fan since day one…since Little Big Star.

Margaret Moth

I chanced upon FEARLESS: The Margaret Moth Story on CNN while I was about to sleep. Her last words on the show really hit me.

“I mean, to me it is no different if I die in six weeks or in twenty years. I don’t think it matters how long you live as long as you can say that I have got everything out of life.”

-Margaret Moth, CNN Camerawoman.

I hope everyone can watch this.

Live life like Margaret Moth.

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