Wow. How long has it been?

More than a year?

A lot of things have happened.  I’ve gained back all the weight I had lost when I was 25.  We’ve moved in to a new house.  I’ve turned 30.  I’ve tried to freelance as a “makeup artist”.  And by freelance I mean, I worked for free.  I had to stop though as things did not go well with my father’s health.  I think that’s the main reason why I’ve opted out on blogging.  It didn’t sit well with me to continue blogging about makeup while my family was going through something.  Not everything is well yet but I think I can start moving forward and continue doing what I love to do.  I know my father would have wanted the same.  He was the most supportive about my love for makeup artistry.

So I should be back anytime soon.




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