So let’s kick things off with a MAC lipstick I lost.  Short lived, I know.  The photos below were taken last year but I never got the chance to blog about.

MAC Dreaming Dahlia (Lustre) from the MAC Fantasy of Flowers collection.


I remember buying this last year because it was summer and orange was the official summer color.  MAC describes it as a “sheer red-coral”.

I’m always iffy about Lustre finishes because they tend to be sheer and tend to not last long but because orange was a color that isn’t popular to most Filipinos’ eyes(it’s either red or pink here in the Philippines), I think sheer or lustre would be a good start for an orange lipstick.


If I remember correctly, Dreaming Dahlia had very tiny gold glitters running through it.


Here’s how it looks on my lips with flash photography.


And here’s one without.  You can still see the glitters but it’s not stark nor tacky.


It has a tendency to go neon on me, so I prefer to just pat this on my lips instead of swiping the stick.  And because of the sheen, it made my lips look a little bit fuller but not Kylie Jenner plump.  Here’s a throwback with Dreaming Dahlia on my lips.

Horrible lighting.
Kylie. Gurl, I feel ya. #thinlips #insecurity #tbt

It stays on my lips for about 3 hours and kind of leaves a cute little stain.  The glitters don’t really stick to the skin when you remove it which is good.  It wasn’t drying either.

All in all, it’s a good shade, one that you can’t find in drugstore or local brands.  It works well on pigmented lips as well, kind of neutralizes it actually.

It is costly, 1000Php if you get it here in the Philippines.  But if you’re buying this in Rustan’s, make sure you get their Frequent Shopper card so you can earn 5Php for every 1000Php purchase.  Plus, you’re assured of the authenticity of the product(If you find a MAC lipstick online for below 500Php, that is an absolute fake!  Trust me, please).

So the big question is, would I repurchase this? I’d say definitely.  I haven’t found any dupe for this really.  I’m not sure if this is a limited shade but if MAC puts this shade out again, I’d definitely get it and never lose it ever again.