So I saw this Monday poll that Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog published.

Basically she compiled questions that her readers have been asking her.

It looked fun to answer them even when it’s not a Monday. So here we go!

Le List

1. What did you do last weekend?

I went out with friends, dined and danced the night away. And slept through an earthquake. Scary!

2. Folks who are fun to travel with?

Friends definitely!

3. Did you ever go through a rebellious stage?

Maybe. But it wasn’t that bad. I think I handled myself well all throughout puberty and very trying times.

4. Your current favorite hand cream?

Milk or was it called Cake? Velveteen hand cream. But I love the hand and cuticle buffer more!

5. What did you have for breakfast this morning?

I’m sure it was last night’s leftovers. #yebah!

6. Something you keep meaning to do but haven’t gotten to yet?

Drinking water only and not having soda. #veryguilty

7. When was the last time you went to the beach?

I think last May? I did hit the beach a lot last summer. Finally!

8. High-waisted cut-off jean shorts — yes or no?

Just no.

9. Do you drink enough water?

Definitely not. Unless you count the water in the coffee? I usually do 5 vending cups in about 8 hours. No?

10. One thing you’re working on this week?

How in the world do I organize my email??? That I definitely have to work on stat or else I’m screwed!

Now, it’s your turn!