Body product review time!

The Body Shop’s Shea Sugar Body Scrub.


I was supposed to get The Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter Body Scrub which I truly loved but unfortunately has been discontinued.

The Shea Sugar Body Scrub and Chocolate Body scrubs were the only scrubs on sale for 700+ something pesos.  I picked the former because I felt it was the better choice for my very dry skin.  Bad idea.


This was disgustingly oily even when rinsed.  I don’t think it exfoliates well compared to the Cocoa Butter.  I don’t think it exfoliates at all.  The sugar scrubs melt within a few rubbing.  Think 2 rubs.  Just doesn’t work even when you apply it over dry(not damp) skin or wet skin.

look at how oily it is over dry skin

The oil does not get absorbed by the skin.  I don’t know what kind of dry skin one should have to appreciate this.  This should have been discontinued instead of the Cocoa Butter which I now believe is repackaged as the Chocolate scrub.  Damn!  Should have gone with that Chocolate one!  Can’t return, unfortunately.

Never getting this ever.  Don’t ever get this.  You will regret it.  There I said it.