This is not at all sponsored by The Face Shop but I’ve to give props to this Korean brand for coming up with very affordable products that truly work.  And I’m not afraid to recommend these products to anyone at all.

First, we have the silver eyelash curler.  For only 105 pesos, this eyelash curler holds curl all day long or until you get your lashes wet.  It doesn’t pinch unlike it’s 205-peso gold sister(which I reviewed way back here) and doesn’t create an L-shaped curl.  The pads are made of rubber unlike the gold version’s silicone pads.  The curler comes with 2 extra pads as well.  I do reach out for this more than the gold one.



Next we have the Style My Eyebrow pencils priced at 150 pesos each.  The first one I got was in the shade #2, a deep brown shade when my hair was still black, then got #3, light brown, when I dyed my hair brown. Shade #1 is black which I do not own. The greatest thing about these pencils is the absence of a red undertone which you usually see in most local and cheap eyebrow pencils.  I hate it when brow pencils have red in them.  They just look so bad and cheap on anyone.  These Faceshop pencils are not creamy as well which means product won’t get stuck on any of your brow hairs.  A little bit of chipping on the edges happen as the day goes by when you have oily skin but definitely it’s not the alarming kind.


Last is the Color My Eyebrow brow gel.  If you can’t get yourself to shell out for MAC brow gels and Etude House brow gel’s glitters annoy you then get this.  I repeat.  Get this!  I got the darker shade out of the 2 available.  This one doesn’t have glitter, isn’t red unlike the Majolica Majorca ones and is only around 350 pesos.  It keeps my brows in place and most importantly, it sets the brow pencil very well.  Filled in brows all day long.  I repeat.  All day long.  The only downside, which I shall consider irrelevant but will still state, is the product’s shelf life of 6 months.  I got this January of this year, a couple of days before Sinulog and the expiration date says May 29 2014.  My math says I have less than 6 months to use this.  But I still bought it on regular price.  Hmmp.  Nevertheless, it still is a good product.  Just make sure you blot the brush with a tissue to rid of excess product before brushing it up on your brows.


And that is it.  Again this is not a sponsored post.  I just can’t afford to have these items discontinued because of low sales so here I am recommending them so The Faceshop won’t stop making them.

I, thank you. Bow.