*This was written last May 2 2014.

This one’s a long overdue post. I mean, are BB creams still on trend? What letter are we on now? D or E?

But because it is scorching hot where I live and anything affordable is always a winner AND whitening products are still the rave(why can’t we just love some golden tan?), I shall commence the VERSUS Summer 2014 Edition! BB CREAMS!

On one corner we’ve got Maybelline’s Clear Smooth 8 in 1 High Protection BB Cream A.K.A. BB White.  And on the other corner, we’ve got Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV White A.K.A. BB Cream UV White.


Za VS Maybelline
Za VS Maybelline

Both say they’re whitening, has SPF 50 PA+++, and both are of about the same quantity.

Maybelline BB White has 8 claims:

Oh Promises!
Oh Promises!

Za has around more than 4:


What do they have in common in terms of claims?

1. Both have SPF 50 PA+++

2. Evens out skin tone.

3. Brightens the skin.

4. Long wearing.

5. Both are priced below 500PHP.  The Maybelline I got as a gift while the Za I got as a prize from Liz Lanuzo (projectvanity.com).

The difference?

The Maybelline BB Cream comes in 2 shades while Za only has one shade.  And the finishes are different.  The Maybelline BB is dewy while Za’s BB cream is matte.

Left: Za BB Cream; Right: Maybelline BB Cream in Shade 02
Left: Za BB Cream; Right: Maybelline BB Cream in Shade 02

My observations while wearing Maybelline BB Cream:

1. Dewy finish

2. Shade close to mine, for reference I’m in the NC40, C40, NC42 range.

3. Skin gets oily easily

4. Gone before I know it.

My observations while wearing Za BB Cream:

1. Matte finish

2. Lighter than my skintone.  Cannot wear alone.

3. Long wearing, it takes a while before I see my pigmentations peek through.

4. I don’t get oily too quick


But which one wins?

The Za BB Cream wins in my book.  Simply because it doesn’t make me oily.  It works great as a primer but not as a stand-alone base for those with medium to deeper skintones.  The Maybelline BB Cream though will work for those with normal to dry skin.