Another lipstick swatch! This time it’s MAC Captive, one of the not so popular lip shades from the brand.  This lip shade falls in the same plum family of Amorous, Craving, Plumful and maybe Up the Amp.

I got mine from MAC Rustan’s Cebu (Ayala Center Cebu) for 1000PHP, sooo not equivalent to US$16 price. :(

MAC Captive in Satin finish (taken with flash)
MAC Captive in Satin finish (taken with flash).  #nastytube

MAC describes it as pinkish-plum. Period.

I think it’s pinkish-plumish-mauve-ish.  Watchuthink?


Captive, a permanent shade, is classified as a Satin finish -basically a long-lasting non-drying matte texture; the very reason why I picked this up among all the other more popular plum shades being a plum lipstick kind-of-a-girl that I am.

The rest were just too light or too shimmery or too glossy for my taste.  Not a fan.  And I wanted to make sure that the lipstick I’m shelling out 1000 Pesos for is not going to require me to do touch-ups after taking 2 sips of my coffee.

And it’s the kind of shade you can sooooo wear to work especially when you don’t want to be bothered with retouching because there are other more important things to life.


1 full swatch
1 full swatch

That being said, it definitely comes off as a “mature” lip color or what I’d call an office lipstick -it’s mature but it’s not red.  Did that make sense?

Here’s a semi-selfie with Captive against my skin.



on my what looks like NC42 skin
on my what looks like NC42 skin #pores #pores #pores

Sorry ’bout the pores.

So if you are no longer in your teens and is on the lookout for an everyday long-lasting, non-drying matte plum lipstick then Captive is one safe MAC purchase.

I, thank you. Bow.