Half of me wants to write a long post of reasons why I haven’t been blogging and the other half wants to make an extremely quick review of at least something I’ve had for months.

But because it’s almost midnight and it still is a work night, I’ll go with the latter.

Here’s a quick review and lip swatch of the Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Centrifuschia and hopefully I stick to the topic.

(Bought at Chedelyn’s for PHP780.00)

1. Has that vanilla scent like that of MAC lipsticks.

2. Comes in a fat bullet.  Design is a little bit childish for me but it kinda grows on you though.  You get obsessed over making sure that the Unicorn looks right.

3. Creamy and bleeds during application.

4. Last for about 6 hours without eating and heavy sipping, leaves a stain on the lips.

5. Not drying.

6. When eating and drinking, I’d say 4 hours because it still does leave a stain on the lips.  But touch ups are definitely necessary if you want it to look flawless.

7. Best worn with warm tops (just something I noticed). #summerishere

8. Opaque.

One layer without lip liner underneath.

Is it a good buy? Yes. I may not sound enthusiastic, but when I had this on the first time I fell in love with it and I still am.

Now I don’t usually do this, but I’m going to take a #selfie and finally put a face to this blog(because it’s pointless to not put one when the title suggests how Centrifuschia looks on skin tones like mine).  Please excuse the ugliness.

#Centrifuschia #nofilter #makeupfreesomehow #badskinthough #lookatthoseporesandfinelines  

Until the next post!  :*