Here’s a quick review of the TRESemmé Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner.

I’ve been suffering from hair-fall for more than 15 years, so obvious shampoo and conditioner variant would always be the anti-hair fall one.

LOL at that wooden board that covers the air conditioner slot which I should turn into an inspiration board…hhmmm.

I bought these bottles last January and emptied them middle of this year. That’s way enough time to have a say on a product. They’re quite cheap price-vs-quantity-wise(PHP280 each). And I was given the impression that these are salon-grade in terms of quality, because the hairstylist in the infomercial was a Japanese guy (or I could be assuming he was one ’cause he seemed chica).

So I’m going to make this quick via Pros and Cons.

TRESemmé Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo:



-gave me dry scalp = snowflakes c/o my head

-no noticeable improvement in hair fall

-my hair strands went dry

TRESemmé Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner:

-hair so soft…ahhhhhhhhh

-still gave me dry scalp. Want some snow?
-no noticeable improvement in hair fall

Overall, pretty awful of a product.  Obviously I’m not repurchasing but would I recommend it, since what does not work for me might work for you, right? Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it. The flaking alone is enough reason not to get it.

Not repurchasing, not recommending. Sorry TRESemmé. I still want to try your other products though. Got a dry shampoo?