I just realized that I’ve never really owned a Maybelline lipstick even when it’s the cheapest among all drugstore brands available in the Philippines. I always swatch them when I get the chance to but I’ve never for once brought one to the counter to check out.

So after N years, I’ve finally bought my first Maybelline lipstick, Crazy for Coffee from the nude selection of the Colorsensational line…on sale for PHP199. ^_^


Originally, I had wanted Totally Toffee which was said to be a dupe of MAC Modesty (a nude pink that could supposedly be worn by NC40 up without being washed out). Unfortunately, it washed me out. So that was a no. There were other shades from the nudes but nothing was working on me up until I went ahead to swatch the darkest of them all, Crazy for Coffee -a subtle brick red kind of a brown.


At first, I wasn’t too impressed because I had that mindset that it had to look like Kim Kardashian’s nude lips but after a while it kind of grew on me as an MLBB shade.

Shadow or no shadow, this is pretty much the shade.
Shadow or no shadow, this is pretty much the shade.
With flash. I’ll confess, I photoshopped my femstache and my oiliness. #considerate

Intensity and gloss can be controlled by either swiping straight from the tube to really put the color out there and have that semi-gloss finish or by dabbing it on the lips to reduce gloss and mute the brown red to brown pink.
For someone with lips that chaps every now and then through out the day, I still have to wear a lip balm underneath it as it could get a little bit dry on me. It wears pretty long, having to retouch by mid-day. Not bad for a 199-peso lipstick.

It’s a very friendly brown shade that everyone can wear but I personally think that it will complement more those who are in the medium-deep/deep shade.


-Cheap at 199PHP (on sale though)
-Wears well throughout the day
-Not overpoweing brown which means all skin tones can rock this
-No annoying lipstick scent

-Not moisturizing, dry lips will have to wear lip balms underneath it.

Repurchasing? Yes!