It has definitely taken a long while to find my perfect scent.
And finally I’ve found the perfect description to the scent that I truly enjoy.
If I were to describe it, I would want to smell like I take baths in fresh expensive water.
Not kidding.
How luxurious is that?

After trying out so many scents and annoying perfume sales assistants with descriptions only I can understand, I’ve finally been able to pin down what “fresh expensive water” is – clean, aquatic and all about lilies.

Enter Marks and Spencer’s Autograph Isis Eau de Toilette, regarded as an impression of L’eau d’Issey Eau de Parfum Issey Miyake for women:


I don’t really read perfume descriptions in boxes so I was going over scent over scent at Marks and Spencer.  I had spritzed Autograph Cotton on my left wrist which opened really nicely while Autograph Isis reeked of alcohol.  But I’m never about how a scent opens up, I’m all about how it dries down.  Ten minutes in, I took a sniff of both wrists, Cotton turned out to be D & G Light Blue which I wasn’t a fan of while Autograph Isis smelled clean, fresh and so me.  Even a friend said so.


I didn’t purchase it right there and then of course.  Php599 is still hard earned money, you know.  Five hours after, I can still smell that fresh scent on my right wrist.  I was sniffing happily every 20 minutes.  #high

According to, “Isis by Marks and Spencer is a Floral Aquatic fragrance for women. Isis was launched in 2011. Top note is sea notes; middle notes are rose, violet and lily-of-the-valley; base note is cedar.”

I don’t know how cedar smells (isn’t that a tree?) but all through out it’s wear which was more than 5 hours, I could still smell the freshness.  Impressed and happy that finally I found a scent that is cheaper, easy to find, easy to travel with and has amazing longevity for a eau de toilette.  While it’s a definite spring/summer scent, it can still go well with the rainy weather, think rainforest and beach.

No questions asked, definitely repurchasing.  This is so my eau de toilette scent.  Finally!