Finally I’ve logged back in over here at wordpress.  I was working on a huge event last September I couldn’t find a good time to blog or write a review. Add the fact that wordpress was blocked again in the office which means the only time I could write was when I get home which is about the same time I get sleepy and tired. Paging Vitamin C.

I had planned to write 2 blogs yesterday because of the holiday but plans changed when an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 hit us at about 8 in the morning. Glad that friends and family are safe although we are all still wary because of the aftershocks. To take my mind off the physical stress, I am going to forego with my post. But this will be a quick one since my eyes are really getting heavy. Emotionally fine but physically drained. #gettingolder

Time for a real VERSUS post! Just a quick one though.

Lewis & Pearl Body & Face Powder VERSUS Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder

Now the reason why I’m putting these powders against each is because I read in ..was it girltalk or female network…that these two powders actually work well in controlling oil.  I’ve already given up on complete oil control.  But anything cheap that lessens the number of times I blot in an hour is a win for me.  So let’s do this!





POINT OF COMPARISON Lewis & Pearl Tiny Buds
AVAILABILITY: Groceries, Drugstore, Department Stores Rustan’s Grocery and Department Store (Infants Section)
MARKET: Teens Boo boo babies!
SCENT: scented scented
TEXTURE: grainy finer than Lewis & Pearl
SPF: with sunscreen, Titanium Dioxide listed as 2nd ingredient. no other SPF details. “natural UV protection” from protein and amino acid. no other SPF details.
INGREDIENTS: Talc, Titanium Dioxide, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Fragrance Rice Starch, Mild Fragrance

Price wise, the Lewis and Pearl is hella cheap.  I did blog my excitement about the price way back when I found it in a drugstore.

But when I used it, and I was starting to oil up, my foundation smudged big time.  Tiny Buds on the other hand (used on top of the same foundation, Benefit Playstick in Jump Rope) kept me matte for a good one hour and didn’t disturb my make-up all through out the day.

So the winner of this quick versus is Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder! Seriously after I saw my make-up smudge when I used Lewis & Pearl as a setting powder, I tucked my 2 bottles away and have never reached for them.  Tiny Buds does a way better job, albeit than most setting powders at a price you cannot beat.

WINNER: Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder