After having a sniff of this from the Avon catalog, I thought I was going to love this. Add the fact that Mila Jovovich was endorsing it.
Again, after sniffing this from a piece of paper…what in the world was I thinking????
At 999 pesos, I thought it was a good price for an Avon perfume with positive reviews.
Like 3 bloggers loved this perfume. And they all mentioned that the staying power was amazing. And it also got great reviews from Like it rated 4.18 out of 5.

According to one of the reviewers:
“Top notes of bergamot, plum, and crisp ivy greens; Middle notes: Seductive black dahlia, rose, and orchid, and base notes are creamy woods, patchouli flower and silky musk notes.
Nose behind City Rush is Annie Buzantian.”

Oh gosh…why am I not loving this. I actually complained to Avon about this. But they were like, “it smells great!”.
No it doesn’t.
I actually asked them to buy my bottle for half the price if it smelled great. No takers! Pffft. There goes your bluff!


I seriously don’t know what black dahlia smells like, but damn is it awful. I don’t smell the sophistication. I smell headache-inducing odor. I do smell the creamy vanilla. And yes, it lasts all day long which is awful because no matter how much alcohol, soap and water I’ve used to wash it off, the smell still sticks.
It smells like men’s perfume.
I believe I got the wrong bottle.
Or maybe the bottles were under the sun for too long?

I took a whiff of this again(sprayed in front of me and dove my nose in) just to be sure, ugh, I just can’t appreciate it. And that’s not on my skin. So it really is the smell.
I sprayed on my skin(following the instructions on the box) and I do smell the florals, the sweetness and the creamy vanilla then it goes powdery, like half of the scent is powdery. Still gagged.

But wait, I was able to visit a Chanel counter recently, and sniffed at one of those ridiculously expensive perfumes and one of them was reminiscent of the strength City Rush had, I think it was Noir? I can’t remember, but I’m surprised some women and men actually have a thing for something that’s smells really strong on women..????
And everyone, almost everyone on Fragnatica’s been comparing this to Gucci Guilty which I haven’t sniffed which rates 3.9 on

But because it’s getting colder here in the Philippines, this scent just might work. I don’t know. It really is too strong. My officemates said so too.

I’m just not convinced that it’s a good scent.
Like a scent that can get you compliments. I mean yeah sure, people will ask you for the name of the perfume but I don’t think they’ll tell you that you smell good with it.
It just isn’t a scent that will make a man tell you that he has fallen in love with you.
Neither do I think women will find you intimidating or end up admiring you.
I’m sorry I got to stop.
It’s like all these “sophisticated” ingredients were mixed together and just bombed. Literally. Like tanked.
Stopping now.

1000 PESOS PUT TO WASTE! Actually more than that because I had to go to the Mandaue Branch just to complain. And I didn’t get anything out of it. UGH!

Sorry, City Rush just isn’t for me.
Either that or I got a bad bottle of it.

My offer still stands. Half off. Cebu City buyers only.