Before finishing up the entire bottle of Andalou Naturals Toner, I purchased a bottle of Moringa-02 Malunggay (Olive Oil – Omega) Herbal Facial Toner Alcohol-Free because:
a. I didn’t want to finish up the Andalou Naturals Toner I had left.
b. Moringa-02 was cheap and alcohol-free
c. I am always a sucker for claims of “oil control” and “pore minimizing”


And it was an easy purchase because the ingredients didn’t really sound harmful, in my opinion which isn’t scientifically backed up. LOL!

Seriously, it didn’t have Parabens or Sulfates. But I could be wrong though. Anyone help? See?

Sorry 'bout the blur.
Sorry ’bout the blur.

Now I know some people don’t believe in toners. I do catch myself doubting toners sometimes but because I have oily dehydrated skin, I feel the need to make sure that my face is residue-free (sometimes cleansers just won’t cut it) and the pH balance to be brought back (which I really have no clue of to be honest. I just hear it a lot from gurus and beauty bloggers. Ehehehe).

And the benefits listed are enticing…

Let's see...
Let’s see…

So which is true about this toner? On me, of course. Remember what they say, what works for me might not work for you and vice versa.

1. Gently cleanses residual dirt without drying?
CHECK! Performs better than Andalou Naturals toner in that area.
2. May help reduce pimples?
Uhmmm. I did have a pimple or two over the time that I was using this.
3. Stimulates cell regeneration and skin renewal?
How on earth can I find out if it did? I kinda didn’t see it.
4. Deeply nourishes, moisturizes, and smoothens dry skin?
It wasn’t drying. Unsure about deeply nourushing my skin because I was still oiling badly.
5. Minimizes pores?
Unfortunately, no.
6. Improves skin elasticity, suppleness?
Maybe. I’d like to think yes. I didn’t see increase in wrinkles or lines.
7. Skin lightening?
I don’t think it did that.

WOW. Score is 2 out 7. See, problem with many claims is there’s a higher chance of not being able to deliver.

Although, that was just one bottle so who knows maybe there’s a need to regularly use this to see all the effects.

I think out of all those claims, the one issue I had was, can this be a better alternative/replacement to Andalou Naturals Toner…
In my review about the Andalou Naturals toner, whilst the toner didn’t do much in the pore minimizing area, it did however prep my skin for serums and moisturizers. I really saw the improvements made to my skin. Unfortunately with Moringa-02, I didn’t really feel like any “magic” was happening.

I mean, it’s not bad, and I’m sure I’ll repurchase it because of its price but it just didn’t deliver all of its claims.
This is one of those moments when you question yourself, Are toners really a disservice to mankind? Right Ruth Crilly?