I had needed to go to Faceshop to get some eyelash curler silicone pads because I lost all the silicone pads that came with my eyelash curler. Unfortunately, The Faceshop does not sell them separately so I had to buy a new curler and I wasn’t willing to buy the 205-peso one because I already have one. So I went for the cheapest one, which had the rubber pad and thought, I’ll just mount the rubber pad onto the gold eyelash curler. Did my story make sense? Rubber? Silicone? No?

Anyway, the whole point of this blog is…there’s a few days left before The Faceshop ends its 7th year celebration.

All you have to do is purchase a qualified item from their Club20 products to get freebies.
So I got the Volcanic Clay Mask/Sheet for 95 Pesos.
That and the 105-peso eyelash curler.


I didn’t get a KHJ printed box of cotton pads. I got a Chia printed one but seriously, I couldn’t care less. Just spare me a week’s worth of toiletries.

Good deal after all!

Congratulations THE FACESHOP!