I don’t remember reviewing something for the body…Oh yeah, lotion. I did one. It had a long name. Let me search for it…Beauty Credit Organics Whitening Body Blemish Balm (body lotion)! From this post> https://neuronshots.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/collective-haul-post-2-part-2-ebay-and-avon/.

Not sure if I reviewed Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil…just fyi, amazing on skin as an after-shower oil. You will not want to stop touching yourself. LOL. Dry skin people rejoice!

Another reason to celebrate might be because of The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Scrub?

Rated highly in Makeupalley.com, it was my first choice of product to spend the 500-peso gift certificate I got from a friend on New Year’s (yes, I’ve had this product 6 months ago).

4.5 rating with more than 100 reviews? I'm sold!
4.5 rating with more than 100 reviews? I’m sold!

All the stars must have aligned again for me because this scrub was on a half-off sale at The Body Shop on the day I decided to check it out(with no clue of how much it could cost me). Originally priced at around 1,150 pesos (choked), it was on sale for 575 pesos. And because I had the 500-peso gift certificate, I only had to pay 75 pesos! :))))) Did I just win or did I just win????

The scent of the scrub makes me want to eat the whole thing. The grains are quite large, larger than most face scrubs.

I don't have much left :(
I don’t have much left :(

If you have a VERY DRY SKIN as indicated in the label, I believe you will love this scrub. It does a great job at exfoliating and removing dead skin.

I love that it gives me the smoothest skin ever that could last for 24 hours (wish it was forever!). I use this once a week, every Sunday night, to reward myself and rejuvenate me for the week ahead.
Paired with jojoba oil right after shower, oh wow, Skin Orgasm!
But if you like the scent of cocoa to linger, it can stand on its own without a lotion. You will be touching yourself alot right after exfoliating with this scrub. Simply polishes the skin amazingly. Thanks to the ingredients..not sure if they’re all good stuff (like I care, pffft).

Now, if you have normal skin or just dry, I think you won’t like this because you’ll feel greasy. I think the “oil film” it leaves will make you feel uneasy. Then again, this scrub is for VERY DRY SKIN. FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME. :p

The only gripe I have about this product is, well actually there’s 2 (because price will always be an issue for me but since The Body Shop constantly puts this on sale, I might just really have 1)…IS..the packaging. Scooping out the product and scooping some more with wet hands doesn’t really sit well with me sometimes. But sometimes I just get over it and scoop out what I think is enough for my entire body and scrub away. Oh well, you can’t have it all.
But who cares if you’re gettin’ what you’re needin’?

Currently, it is on sale for 700-ish pesos. I no longer have a gift certificate but because of its proven effectiveness, the sale price is a steal justifiable.

Repurchase? OH YES!!!!