I need to get this review off my system.

I’ve been holding back for so long since I wasn’t sure if I was seeing results or not.

I’ve had this Andalou Naturals toner (see post title for complete name) since mid-December of last year.  I’m onto the last 3 spritz.  So I think it’s a good time to finally have a say about this toner.


Healthy Options


Toners are not usually in spray bottles, so I thought this was interesting for a toner.  Like I could turn this toner into a mist since afterall toners help bring back the pH balance to the skin.  Plus it had the words STEM CELLS and PORE MINIMIZER.   So how can I not possibly not get this!?


And check out all the good ingredients!

PONG PICS 034Mostly good stuff, right?

Check out what it claims:





Renew, Repair and Regenerate?????!!!
Exactly what my skin needs.

So was it able to do all those things? Well sort of, not really, but yeah…

What I think it was able to do was to allow my moisturizer to really sink in.

I was using the Olay moisturizer together with this, and right after applying this toner , I’d slather on my moisturizer.

It gets absorbed really quickly.  Same thing with my serums(Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum and Avon Glycolic facial).

I don’t think it can work alone and minimize my pores.  But it definitely helps getting serums and moisturizers get absorbed nicely by the skin allowing the serums and moisturizers to work their magic on the skin.  It’s such a good enabler.

Would I repurchase? If it’s easy for me to shell out 559 pesos every 3 to 4 months on top of other skin care products I need, then I would!