Oh summer! You are so here!

Just imagine the sun setting by the beach, Kokomo playing in the background and your make-up melting. WHUT??!??

Summer in sunny Cebu is just so horrible (read: hot and humid)! There is no way I am putting on foundation as I know it’ll just melt away in less than an hour.  I’d never dare myself to apply a usual foundation with this kind of weather but at the same time I wouldn’t allow myself to go out there without at least an evened out face.  Thank God for products that are great for this weather and are budget friendly!

Staples of my routine and kit for the summer are:

BB Cream – I’m currently using Missha’s M Vita Matte BB Cream.  You could use any BB cream your skin is comfortable with, one that works with this weather.  It does everything for your skin in one go.  It’s a moisturizer, serum, sunscreen and foundation in one go.  It lessens layers of products you put on your face.  And it’s easy to reapply every 2 hours for sun protection.

Gel blush – this type of blush, for me, is long lasting on my oily skin.  I hardly reapply and it’s very on the go.  A favorite is Allue’s gel blush.

Eye lash curler – Curled lashes defines summer.  No one can ever go wrong with curled lashes.  They are the ultimate summer must have.  You can even skip mascara.  I use The Face Shop’s eye lash curler.  It’s proven to last my curls the entire day.

Mascara – Use a waterproof mascara in shades lighter than black.  It’ll add oomph to those curled lashes without smudging caused by the humidity of this weather.  I doubt a waterproof Full ‘N Soft in brownish black disappoints.  Plus points for not weighing down my lashes at all.

Brow Pencil – I usually skip this during the summer, but my brows have gone a little bit thinner this year and I’ve been trying to rock the Korean brows so I definitely need a pencil.  The pores in my brow area are extremely oily, they always eat up any brow work I do but not so much with the Kokuryu Waterproof Brow Pencil in Brown.  Waterproof is the key this summer.  Plus I can use this brow pencil to tightline to make my eyes pop and flirt!

Setting Powder – Powder is power! Summer = oiliness to the nth level.  And we all know that oiliness can be controlled by patting powder on make-up, aka setting it.  My weapon of choice? Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder!  I use my mini kabuki brush from Charm to pat this on my face.  Sometimes I use my hands to wipe it on my face.  It’s cheap at 102 pesos and it helps keep me from being a dirty oil mine at such a short period of time.

Lipstick – I prefer lipsticks over lip stains because lipsticks can still achieve the lip stain effect.  I usually use Avon moisture rich lipstick in Strawberry Delish.  I pat some in the middle of my lips and use my index finger to spread all over the lips.  Lip stain!  This lipstick isn’t as drying as the other moisture lipsticks as well.

Perfume/Cologne – Last but not the least, you need a fresh scent.  I really like Zen Zest’s Breathless which is just 60 pesos!  It doesn’t last long but the bottle is small enough to slip in the make-up kit for reapplying.  It smells good and easy on the nose!

Can’t wait to get a good summer tan!

What are your summer must haves?