I like Youtube.  By a lot!

If there’s a video I enjoy, I obsess over it and play it over and over again.

(Therefore, I add up to the views of a video)!

I talk about the videos I like to friends and nag them to find time to watch.  And I don’t stop nagging until they tell me they’ve seen it.

Here’s a video I can’t stop watching.

It’s cuteness overload.  Soooo precious.  And that’s from someone who stays away from kids! Just can’t stand kids these days.  (Parenting skills nowadays have become horrible!)

It’s my Youtube video of the month!

Kayla loves the moon by denmoff77(Kayla’s father’s channel)

One more thing, I just need to get this off my chest:

Harlem Shake, really?

Why people put so much effort into making Harlem Shake videos boggles my mind.