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So let me get on with the eye products!!!

CoverGirl LashBlastVolume in Black , Ever Bilena eye pencil in Brown, Kokuryo Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil in Brown,Fanny Serano short angled eye liner
CoverGirl LashBlastVolume in Black , Ever Bilena eye pencil in Brown, Kokuryo Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil in Brown,Fanny Serano short angled eye liner

CoverGirl LashBlastVolume in Black

: SM Department Store(Watsons)

: 600-ishPHP

3 words: I HATE IT!

Such a waste of good money.  I should have gone with a Maybelline or an old stock of the Max Factor 2000 Calorie.  When it was freshly opened, the mascara was gloopy and gave disgusting spider-leg(furry) looking lashes.  It weighs down my lashes, even with a now dried-out formulation.  I don’t know who should pick up this mascara.

Cover Girl I want my money back!

Repurchase? NO!


Ever Bilena Eye Pencil in Brown

: Can be found in any department store/Watsons

: <100PHP fo sho!

There’s really not much to complain about this pencil.

I’m sure we’ve all gone through one(especially Filipinas in Las Filipinas!).

It doesn’t sting, hardly transfers, doesn’t smudge too much, easy to remove, cheap, doesn’t tug that bad, could be used for the waterline and basically it’s a buy anyone would hardly regret.

I think the key here is application. Most of the time, smudging and transfer are the issues when it comes to pencil liners especially for those with hooded eyelids like mine.  Believe me when I say that I struggled with those issues for YEARS! Practice really is key. It took a lot of practice for me to know exactly where to line, obvious answer is right above the lash line.

When it’s drawn RIGHT above the lash line, hardly will it smudge or transfer.  Say goodbye to panda eyes! I promise!

I think the only con about this is, it’s not as buttery as the Nabi pencil I own.

(That Nabi pencil is like butter for the lashline! Only issue with that liner is, it’s too creamy or soft to make any mark on the waterline.)

Repurchase? Yes! and will be getting the black one too.


Kokuryu Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil in Brown

: Any Department Store

: PHP69!!!!

This is one looooooong pencil!

Bullet points!


  • cheap. so cheap, the price!
  • lasts long on oily brows, with some minor “chipping off” on edges but it’s not bad afterall.
  • can be used as an eyeliner pencil
  • texture is just right for the brows
  • it is one looooong pencil for 69 pesos!
  • buildable


  • not fully waterproof like it claimed to be, well I’m oily so maybe if you’re not oily this could be waterproof.
  • it seems to have some kind of shimmer. I may be wrong but when I stared at it again, it looked like it had shimmer. Or I probably mixed it with something that has shimmer.  Shimmer? Yes? No?

All in all, this liner is such a find!

I think I was looking for false eyelashes in Gaisano Country Mall, and they didn’t have decent ones and I didn’t want to go home empty handed so I was looking around and I saw this long pencil and I’ve been using brow powder for so long, I “needed” something new. #excuses So I bought it and I never looked back!

I’ve tried this on a friend, and he liked it.  For 69 pesos, who wouldn’t?

Repurchase? OH YES!


Fanny Serano short angled liner brush

: Metro Ayala Department Store

: >100PHP fo sho!

I needed something a lot thinner than the liner brushes I own, and when I found this I though I hit the jackpot as this has like one layer/line of strands/bristles and it has a short handle.  The Fanny Serano liner I owned before this had a really long handle and had a thicker width or had more layers/lines of bristles which was hard to use on my hooded eyelids.

So when I got to use this with my gel liner, I was half disappointed and half ok with it.  OK in  a sense that I could finally draw a thinner line.  Disappointed in a sense that the short handle made it difficult for me to maneuver the brush and get into the inner corners of my eyes.

And the bristles are stiff, so I wouldn’t recommend using this to line as this could contribute to more wrinkles.

Repurchase? This could have really worked but the design just isn’t cut out to quickly make a good line. No.


Shawill Mono-eyeshadow 006
Shawill Mono-eyeshadow 006

Shawill Mono Eyeshadow in 006

: Watsons

: 69PHP

I’m kind of low key when it comes to eyeshadows.

Hardly do I even play around with eyeshadows when in department store counters.

Eyeshadows are “wants” for me.  I could live without eyeshadows. Really.

But when my officemate and I went inside Watsons one work night (10pm), I got stuck swatching Shawill mono eyeshadows.  The line where this eyeshadow (006) belongs to immediately caught my attention.  They were calling me out asking me to play with them.  Call me crazy but that’s what the shadows were doing.  They came in interesting colors.  Most of which where in chromatic colors, something I’ve never really seen in most local or drugstore brands.  Out of all the swatches, the 006 really caught my eye.  I was swatching it over and over again, aside from the fact that I was getting major orgasm(lol!) swirling my finger over the product!  The texture was so smooth and soft, I could not believe it was a Shawill product!

While I’m not good with describing colors, I’ll do my best to describe this as I feel like this should win the best make-up find of my 2012!

Basically it’s  an iridescent brown green when packed.  When blended, it turns into brown(with an undertone I can’t describe). It has sheen instead of shimmer or glitter which makes it above-25-years-old-friendly.  I think the best way to describe this is, go google MAC Club.  It’s very close to that.  While I don’t own Club, I’ve seen Julia of talk about MAC Club when I backread late last year and all I could say was: EhrmahGaad. Dupe Alert!

Ok, maybe a little exaggerated but it is pretty close to Club.

The fact that you can get 2 colors from 1 shade is amazeballs.  All you have to do is pack this on your lids and blend away in the socket and voila, you have a complete shadow work for 69 pesos only! A must-bring in your make-up kit!

With a price like that, there’s definitely some not so good points about this shadow.  #1, it’s not long lasting.  You’ll definitely need a primer.  #2 It doesn’t pack immediately onto the lids, you need to put layers and layers to get the exact pan color. You’ll definitely need a primer.  But if you have a primer on, this will definitely show up well and last longer than the usual local eyeshadow.

Not bad at all Shawill! Not bad! I am very impressed.

Repurchase? YES! YES! YES!


Pinkies Collection Eyeshadow in Brown
Pinkies Collection Eyeshadow in

Pinkies Collection Eyeshadow in Brown

: Watsons(Ayala Cebu)

: PHP70

The reason why I got this was because hardly can you find matte shadows among local brands.  They usually have shimmer.  Like seriously local brands, Y_U_NO like matte? So I wanted to give this a try.

I don’t really remember when I’ve used this so I can’t make a decent review/opinion about it.  What I can tell is, it has undertones leaning towards red.  It’s not neutral.  I’d say the shade  would be great for contouring the cheeks especially with it being summer now. Will update whenever I can try this on.


So this ends my Eye Haul post.

More haul-cum-review posts to come.  I hope.

Requests for swatches will gladly be accommodated. :)