I try my very best to wash my face everyday and I realize that the only way for me to accomplish that is to use products that motivate me to.

And maybe I have finally found them!

Late last year I really tried going “organic” by practicing the oil cleansing method.  It took a lot of patience.  Unfortunately, that routine was too long for me and it wasn’t showing consistent results.  The last straw was when I broke out the 2nd time doing it (because they say you purge after a month or so then your skin gets blemish free).  I just couldn’t do it.  I tried other cleansers to replace it.  I went back to using my Lactacyd Baby Body wash which was great because it was gentle but it just wasn’t enough to remove make-up.  Physiogel and Pond’s had samplers and I think out of the packets I tried, the one with activated carbon from Pond’s stood out as the best but I just was not into the scent.  So I didn’t bother to get a full tube.  Then my father had a bad stroke and skin care routine was no longer in the picture.

Then when my father recovered, I went straight to Watson’s and spent a morning reading through anything that caught my eye so that I could get back to a skin care routine.  Lo and behold what I got and am liking.


Picture 007

IN2IT Make-up Remover Lotion -For Face and Eye Area

PHP269.75 or was it 279?

About a few minutes ago, I googled this product to check other reviews.   Unfortunately for this product, I just saw 1 and it was in a different packaging.  It was a review from 2011.  There’s another one in the same bottle that I have now but it’s called 3 in 1 cleansing cleansing water.  It states the same claims (Removes facial and eye make-up, tones and moisturizes) so it could be possible that this product was renamed to what it is now, Makeup Remover Lotion.

I was supposed to restock on my Maybelline Eyes and Lips makeup remover but before heading to the cashier, I stopped by IN2IT to check their liners only to pick up a bottle of this remover since it was also meant for the face unlike the  Maybelline’s which was only for eyes and lips.

Crossed my fingers that this won’t sting the eyes, and it didn’t!

So does this remove makeup?

Let me illustrate by showing you the cotton pads.

Be warned that this is disgusting.

L-R 1st pad, 2nd pad, last pad used
L-R 1st pad, 2nd pad, last pad used

First pad(used both sides) – mainly wiped on eyes.  remaining areas of the pad wiped all over the face.

Second pad(used both sides) – wiped all over the face

Third pad(used both sides) – wiped all over the face to check if there are any traces of makeup left.

Disgusting as those pads looked, I am relieved by the fact that the IN2IT remover does remove makeup.  More importantly, it doesn’t sting nor does it blur my sight.

If your makeup remover doesn’t do like what the IN2IT remover did to the first pad, then throw it to the trash bin.  It is no good!

As for the moisturizing and toning part, I really can’t tell as I only use this as a remover.  I still wash my face after this.  But it doesn’t feel like it’s drying my skin which is a good thing.

Would I repurchase? YES!YES!YES!


OLAY Total Effects 7 in One Foaming Cleanser 50 grams


Expensive for a cleanser!

I realized I’ve not tried Olay except for the moisturizer in that small tube which I love.  And when I checked the ingredients list, I didn’t see Sodium Laureth Sulfate which I read from somewhere is not good for oily skinned girls (I don’t remember what it does though).  I just needed a cleanser that a) would clean my face well and b)won’t give me that feel of the skin tightening after a wash.

This one’s a pretty basic cleanser.  I haven’t seen the anti-aging properties of it work on my skin yet but it does a good job of cleansing without drying out my skin.  I didn’t break out from it either.

Would I repurchase? Yes.  It met my requirements of a cleanser.


The Body Shop Facial Brush


The budget version of the Clarisonic!

I don’t own a Clarisonic though(and I don’t think I could ever own one as it is way out of my budget)  so I don’t think I can ever give a comparison.

I use the Olay foaming cleanser and use this brush every night.  I do small circular motions.

The thing that I’ve noticed after having used this for weeks is I could no longer see blackheads(which I think I got from OCM) around my nose, whiteheads either.  I mean they are no longer as prominent as they used to be.  I think that’s the most significant thing I noticed after using this brush.

It also helps removes the rest of the dirt left on the face(I can tell since the cotton pad used to tone my face no longer has dirt on it).

The only thing that I’m not okay with this brush is its stiffness, the bristles that is.  Too stiff for my liking.  I wish they were softer.

But all in all a great budget beauty find!

Would I repurchase? YES!!