Base Time!



I seriously just want to talk about the Ellana Minerals primer.  The 4U2 BB Cream just wasn’t doing it for me.  If you have normal skin, in the MAC 30s, and have your own sunscreen then grab one as it is cheap, like 180something pesos.  But if you have oily skin, medium deep and expects a miracle, then ya better skip it!

So now onto the Ellana Minerals Make It Last Makeup Primer.

20ml; 280PHP; IT Park Bazaar (check the Ellana Minerals website as well).


-has that slip that one looks for in a primer for make-up to glide easily

-works well with my foundations, doesn’t separate them like what the Porefessional did to my Revlon Colorstay

-didn’t break me out


-silicone based, might not be good for some

-doesn’t control oil

-just 20ml.

-it’s not that impressive in terms of making the makeup last longer

Would I repurchase? Primers, as far as the ones I’ve tried, have never really impressed me in terms of oil control and making makeup last longer.  But just so that I can have a primer so that makeup application will always be easy, I will, in someways, repurchase this.