God knows how long I’ve wanted to post a blog.  Finally!!!

I’ll be doing face first!


Revlon Colorstay for Combination to Oily Skin – 330 Natural Tan

PHP750 at Dolled-Up Cosmetics Studio

And I’m giving this foundation another shot.
I swore this off back in 2009 when I got one in SM Cebu only to find out that it
was the wrong shade for me since the Revlon distributor only carries 6 shades
ranging from fair to fair-medium(Medium Beige was the darkest they carried). And I
got talked into buying Natural Beige thinking that it was a “deep” shade. 850+
Pesos out of the window!

I would have forgiven the shade issue because I could’ve just mixed it with a
moisturizer to make it sheer and not look like a mask on me but the shine control
promise(which the Colorstay was known for) was extrememly disappointing that I was
no longer interested in getting my shade if I found one online. I was so oily with
it on and my face was just horrible because it just didn’t sit well on my skin
especially on my nose.

4 years after, I found myself staring at 3 shades that could work on me. I wanted
to zap the idea of purchasing one but there I was asking the person-in-charge for
testers. Good thing that the owner was nice enough to help out with looking for my
shade and had a tester of the one that she felt would fit me best. She was nice
enough as well to apply it to my entire face + setting powder.

And because she was nice and she wasn’t forcing me to buy it and I had enough
dough, I went ahead with the purchase. So thank you Dolled-up for carrying the
medium to deeper shades!

And no, I didn’t go there just to try out the Colorstay. I went there to get my
friend a travel kit version of the Charm brushes(PHP500) for our 9th annual New
Year’s gift giving.

Long intro to a short review…here we go!

I wanted to compare the ingredients list but they’re too many I’m sure I couldn’t
keep up. The main difference that I could spot was the absence of SoftFlex. The
2009 purchase had SoftFlex technology written on it while the new one didn’t have
it but had 24 Hours written on the cap instead. That means, the make-up can last
on the face for 24 hours. I haven’t gone 24 hours, maybe 15, so that’s a claim I
won’t be able to test. And the new one didn’t promise shine control. For me, it
was both a good thing and a bad thing. Bad thing is I’m not going to get the
much-coveted matte face all through out the wear. Good thing is, there’s no
expecting therefore there’s no disappointment.

Here we go 2.0!

-Definetly long wearing! 15 hours and I still had even coverage. I did see some
discolorations peeking through but it wasn’t bothersome at all
-Feels light. Yes, it doesn’t feel as heavy as the 2009 bottle I got. It must be
the SoftFlex then.
-It’s actually fine without a primer and without a setting powder. It didn’t look
horrible when I had it on without those 2 (Although I didn’t dare go out of the
house so I can’t really fully vouch on that).
-Matte effect right off the bat.

-Doesn’t sit well with Benefit Porefessional. I tried Rimmel’s primer and Ellana
Minerals and the foundation didn’t look weird even hours after. With
Porefessional, the foundation was separating. It was ugly.

-Too neutral for me if used alone.  I need some yellow in it.

Nothing I can do about it:
-It didn’t control shine all through out the day, but the shine was hours
after(which is a huge improvement from 30 minutes after application). Again, it
never claimed to control shine.

Now as far as coverage is concerned, I’d say it’s a medium but buildable coverage.
1 layer isn’t full coverage. I can still see redness around my nose and my
undereyes are still a little bit dark. So it’s best to correct discolorations
first or after foundation application, whichever you prefer.

And it does oxidize which is a good thing for me since the undertone doesn’t really match my well.  So when it oxidizes, it converts to a shade closest to my skintone.

Would I wear it everyday? No. Since I’d like my skin to breathe. But it definitely
is the foundation I will wear to events or all-night long dancing.

Would I repurchase it?Yes! And now I know where to get my shade! And it’s cheaper
than the one’s sold in local department stores!

Benefit Play Sticks – Jump Rope

This was a hand me down product from a friend whose shade was lighter than Jump
Rope. So I’m not aware of its price. But since it’s Benefit, it is expensive for
sure. Jump Rope has a sort of neutral undertone that I think would fit the NC or
NW42s in MAC. But it is on the pinker side I think. It doesn’t really match my
skin tone but when applied with fingers, it blends pretty ok. So here are my

-it looks soft on the skin, it doesn’t look heavy.
-semi-matte finish, great for those who don’t want to look flat.
-Didn’t break me out.
-evens out skin tone.
-medium but buildable coverage.
-easy to remove

-doesn’t really control oil unless you set it properly. So setting is the key to
this foundation if you are oily.

I say setting is really the key here. If you want this to last on the face, you’ll
really have to set it properly. I use the press and roll method. In that way,
there’s no need to reapply the foundation. You’ll only have to blot(maybe 3 times
in a day) and set again just once in 10 hours.

Would I wear this everyday? I actually use it as a daily foundation. It apparently
has tea tree in it. I haven’t broken out because of it that’s for sure.

Would I repurchase? Honestly, given it’s price point, I probably wouldn’t. But I
will keep in mind the experience I have with this foundation, just in case I’d end
up lemming for it.

Yves Rocher Flawless Finish Corrector – 400 MAT

Everytime I visit Yves Rocher, I always end up testing this product but I never
really thought of getting it knowing that it had my shade that works for me and
that it was affordable compared to MAC or Laura Mercier. I had my eyes on LM but
everytime I had the budget, they were out of stock. And MAC was just looked too
harsh. The Laura Mercier undereye corrector, while it corrected, its purpose was
only for the undereyes. I felt like I wasn’t getting bang out of my buck with
that. The Yves Rocher on the other hand could be both for undereyes or skin
discolorations at 600 pesos. So it kind of was easier for me to purchase the Yves

So onto the product:

-affordable, relatively
-has salmon-y orange tint to it that can help correct dark undereyes.

-the pot! it’s in a pot!
-not long lasting as the Laura Mercier
-settles into fine lines just like the Laura Mercier


would I repurchase this? Hmmmmmm. Ask me again another time.

As for the Garnier powder, I’m gonna have to give it some more time since I initially did not like it but when I used it yesterday and earlier, it kind of worked.  So I’m still observing it and trying to find the right way to apply it for me.  I’ll keep you posted!

And as always, these are just overviews, if you want swatches, a more thorough review, just let me know and I’ll gladly do a post.