It’s been four days since I’ve quit doing the OCM.
About a week ago, I started having blemishes again and I just couldn’t stand the fact that after my skin has cleared up after the so-called “purging”, I’m growing blemishes again. My skin has been blemish-free(I can’t count them with my fingers in 1 hand..that kind of blemish-free) for years and to see it have more than the usual I just can’t go on with the oil-cleansing method.
So I had whip out the one and only cure to the pimples and blemishes that I had all through out my puberty: Dove bar soap. It’s been 4 days now and my skin has started to clear up. Problem is, I’m starting to see my skin flaking in my lower cheek area. But for as long as my blemishes get cleared, then I’m all good.

Too bad I had to quit the OCM.
But when it comes to removing my eye make-up, Jojoba oil is what I can trust. So I’m still positive about the oils.

Gots to go. Typhoon Pablo making it’s way here in Sunny Cebu.