Talk about minimizing pores!
I’m on the 4th day of using the Avon Anew Rejuvenate Glycolic Facial and the first thing I noticed was how visibly smaller the pores on my nose have become!!!

I’ve incorporated the serum in my night routine.
First, I steam my face with hot water for about 2 minutes.
Then I use dampened hot facial sponge to wipe away make-up.
Then I do my OCM using 2/3 castor oil and 1/3 jojoba oil.
If I get lazy, I would replace OCM with Lactacyd Baby Bath Cleanser.
I’d wait for about not more than 5 minutes to apply the serum.
I would use 6 drops for my entire face and neck.
Rub in between my palm and fingers then apply using a patting and pressing motion.
Never rubbing in small circular motions.
Then after the serum has been completely absorbed by my skin, I would apply my Avon Anew Rejuvenate Night Cream.
Only sad part now is that I had just used up all the moisturizer left in the jar last night. :(
That means, I will have to use my Pond’s Age Miracle as moisturizer.
(I’m trying to finish up all my stash of moisturizers before purchasing a new one. I’m disgusted by the fact that I have a lot and I’ve never used them up. Talk about “goo hoarding”!)

I’ve changed my sleeping position as well.
(So how is that related to my skin care regimen??)
Well my windows are right above my head. So when the sun is up, it directly hits my face. I like to work on my Vitamin D that way.
And because the serum requires minimum sun exposure for 2 weeks, I’ve had to switch position. Quite difficult to manage minimum sun exposure because I commute via jeepneys. My work starts in the morning as well. And that’s a 30 minute travel from my place to the office. That’s a 30 minute sun exposure right there.
Hopefully, that amount of time is considered “minimum”.

So far, smaller pores are what I’ve seen from using this serum.
I cannot wait for the next great result.
I hope I don’t jinx it!