This is how sad my blogging life has become.
I can only do quickpresses. Boo!

So today I got my first AHA product.
For the longest time, I’ve been hearing or reading about AHA.
How you should have one in your routine.
Either AHA or BHA.
Especially when you’re oily.
I’m not familiar with AHA or BHA products in the country except for those that I see in local department stores that are from RDL.
Well. no thanks.
I’ve heard and seen awful peeling from girls who use such a brand.
I even had a classmate whose wife’s miscarriage was attributed to RDL.
Talk about scary.
And no, she didn’t drink a bottle of RDL product.
So when my Avon Lady brought the recent Avon catalog, lo and behold I found the Avon Rejuvenate Glycolic Facial for 399PHP.

It’s a promo until November 9.
From 1000 to 399??? Steal!!
And after days of field work and 1 suspension day (The company just keeps on changing policies, I can’t keep up!) finally my Avon Rejuvenate Glycolic Facial awaits me on my desk.
And tonight will be our first date.
I wish I could live blog though.
I’ll try to review it after a week.
Try being the operative word.

Other things to update. Still doing the OCM. I’ve gotten blemishes and some blackheads so that worries me as I don’t really have blackheads. But they say you purge on the 3rd or 4th week. It better be purging! And it better be gone after 5 weeks!

Speaking of suspension.
I seriously enjoy the days when I’m suspended.
Since yesterday was my last out 4 days, I watched a lot of stuff from Youtube.
Apparently, I watched socially relevant films.
(Hey, did you know that movies are uploaded on Youtube?? Hurray!).
The first one I saw was Britain’s Happy Hookers. It’s a 40 minute documentary about prostitution inspired by the book Belle Du Jour, an autobiography of a high class escort in London (Ok, my “facts” could be wrong here but I really have no time to wiki).
The next film I saw was still on Youtube, Zombadings, Patayin sa Shokot si Remington.

Filled with metaphors, this is the kind of movie I would make homophobes watch.
Ricky Lee and Michiko Yamamoto are really a good writing tandem.
I think they also wrote Iisa Pa Lamang. One of the interesting teleseries in the Philippines.
If you want campy lines thrown at their best, you must watch Iisa Pa Lamang.
It’s a winner!
But first you’d have to understand Filipino.
Last movie I saw was The Pregnancy Pact which I believe was a Lifetime movie.

It’s about 15 year old girls getting themselves pregnant.
The only reason why I clicked Play was because Thora Birch was in it and I wanted to see how she was after..what..American Beauty?
It’s half disturbing but I think everyone who wants to know about the Reproductive Health Bill should watch it. Whether you are a Pro or a Con.
It actually shows both sides of the coin.

See how socially relevant my random picks were?

What else???
I guess that’s it.
I’ve a database to destroy.