I think I’ve gotten the right mix of oils.
The first time I did it, it was 1 part Castor Oil and 1 Part Jojoba Oil
Then I lost track ’cause I just got tired from work and OCM took too much time and I wanted to just head straight to bed so badly.
Then I went Phisoderm ’cause I got one for about a dollar (PHP50).
That didn’t work.
Then I read in a blog/site that you should work in thirds when doing OCM.
And I switched to Sunflower Oil.
I used 2/3 Castor Oil and 1/3 Sunflower Oil.
I was impressed the first night because I felt the “sebum plugs” come out after 5 minutes of massaging my face.
Finally some serious cleansing!
I was looking forward to it working but I think I broke out, or maybe because I was having my monthly period.
I did it for about a week until I got tired doing it for 3 nights.
Then slapped my self, ’cause how can it work when I’m always switching it up and quitting. I’m getting my skin confused.
So when I resumed, I went back to Jojoba Oil.
Very confused skin at this point for sure.
So for the past 4 nights, I’ve been mixing 4 drops of Castor Oil and 2 drops of Jojoba Oil.
And instead of a thin white cloth, I’m using a face towel as it is a lot thicker which means it holds a lot more steam and is able to wipe off makeup and oil better.
Then while my face is still damp, I immediately pour 2 drops of Jojoba oil and rub ’em between my palms and press onto my face.

Since yesterday, I have only blotted twice. Same case today.
Still oily though, but not crazy oily anymore.
So I guess the mixture I have now is working.

I pray that I can go on doing this every night.