One of the very first Filipina bloggers I have read, is celebrating its 4th year with one helluva giveaway!!!

A few days left before the giveaway ends!!! You must click link!

Happy4 years!

I really commend Shen of, and all the Filipina bloggers.

If not for them, I, a consumer, (how many commas do I need?) would have been blinded by the ads and packaging of most beauty products.  They put themselves out there to give us the real score.  So much respect and appreciation goes out to bloggers like Shen.

And did I mention that it was because of shensaddiction and askmewhats that my skin got its first taste of a really soft brush?  That’s when I saw  make-up in a bigger dimension.   Like a whole new world(Insert song).

Gross as it sounds, but that brush has been on many faces(friends to be exact).  It has “painted” so many canvasses that we can already officially call it “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Brush”.LOL!   It’s done so many of us girls great favors specifically  in the confidence department.

So back to the giveaway. Go click the link and go subscribe to her blog!