Pond’s Age Defense and  Pond’s Age Miracle

I wasn’t sure if I was going to make a Versus kind of a post because these 2 Pond’s creams, whilst aimed at delaying signs of skin ageing,  are targeted to different markets so formulation is quite different.

So to make this review/comparison easy to write for me, let me point out:

The Obvious Difference:

1. Pond’s Age Defense Multi-Benefit Illuminating Cream SPF15PA++ is most likely targeted to ladies in their 20s while the Pond’s Age Miracle Cell Regen Day Cream with SPF15 PA++ is for women in their 30s and up.

2. Age Defense is priced at around 190PHP-ish for a 30gram jar while Age Miracle is priced at 350PHP-ish for the same amount of product.

3. Must I point out that they have different cap colors? hehehe.

The Similarities:

1. Both are Pond’s, Anti-Aging, SPF15 PA++, cream-based, tub is filled up to the brim(I love Pond’s for that!), midly scented.

2. Both do not have oil control, both never offered to begin with.  I do reckon Age Miracle has a formula for oily skin(which didn’t have a 350PHP-ish version, I think it was priced at 599? and is difficult to find), I only got to pick out the normal/dry skin version because, one, it has a 30ml version and two it’s lesser cash out.

3. Unfortunately, I did not see any fading of spots from both creams.

The Important Differences:

1. Age Miracle(red cap) has shimmers/glitters while Age Defense doesn’t have any.  But I didn’t realize the shimmers up until a month after usage which means you can’t really see the shimmers on the skin unless you take a really close look of your face.

2.  Age Defense(pink cap) helps minimize pores.  It actually works so well with my Avon Rejuvante Night Revitalizing cream.  As for the Age Miracle, I didn’t see any pore minimizing effects at all.

3.  After using Age Miracle for more than 3 weeks, I see my cheeks looking more elastic than what it used to be and my wrinkles didn’t worsen which I didn’t observe with Age Defense.  So I guess this illustrates whether I’d look 10 years younger after using Age Miracle.


So which one’s better?

To answer that question, you gotta know what need’s fixin’.  If you are like me, enlarged pores, sagging skin(especially in the cheek area), then use both.

It took close to a month for both creams to show results.

I use the Age Defense on my nose, inner cheeks, under my nostrils and in between my eyebrows.  All are areas with enlarged pores.  Then I apply Age Miracle on my outer and lower cheeks, forehead and under eyes for wrinkle care.

For me, having to apply 2 creams is too much in a skin care routine(especially in the mornings when I’m always 95% running late for work) but truth is I can’t have the best of both worlds in just one cream.  So I’m not going to complain especially when I found 2 creams that are able to effectively address specific skin ageing problems.