I didn’t have enough photos of the products I’ll be blogging about so I’m putting them all in one post.  Just like my previous collective haul posts, I’ll give a quick review of each of the items and answer the one and only important question: Repurchase?

So let’s begin with contestant item # 1!

1. Nabi Black Eyeliner Pencil 01

Nabi Black 01 Eyeliner Pencil

Price: 80PHP


Soft as butter, this eyeliner hardly tugs the skin on my lids.  There are times when I can’t tell if it had touched my skin because it glides really smoothly.  Best of all, this baby hardly smudges and transfers to my under eyes.  At some point there will be some fallouts because of the constant blinking but it’s the tolerable/forgiving kind, one that you can just remove with a gentle touch of the finger.  The lasting power for an eighty peso eyeliner pencil is amazing, provided you applied an eye primer of course.  The color will fade but if I were to quantify it, maybe about 20% max fades after an 8 hour wear.  Not bad at all!

Take note that it’s not waterproof, so any attempts on applying this on the inner rim are all in vain.

Repurchase? Hoard is the word!

2. Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer 6  sample version


Price: PHP100


If you want to look like you’ve been sprinkled with tiny tiny shimmers, then this product is in the running to making you look like one.  It has flecks of gold and red glitters that aren’t as chunky as those you can find in NARS Super Orgasm.  If I were to use this, it’d be for a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon cocktails.  And no, not on my face.  Chest bone would be my best bet.

On me, I can see more of the glitters than the sheen(as swatched above).  So I can’t really agree with the “luminizer” claim.  But if glitters are your thaang, then go ahead gurl!

Repurchase? No.  I wouldn’t even bother if I lose this.

3.   Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Toner

Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Toner

Price: PHP79.50

Healthy Options

This was a repurchase.  Cheapest OK looking toner I’ve ever seen in my entire life!  But it has the most horrible smell ever…like broth!  Two things I’ve noticed about my  repurchase:

#1 it’s 20 pesos more expensive now.

#2 the smell is a lot milder.

#1 I don’t like but if #1 is the reason so that I can enjoy #2, then I’m all for #1!

I’ve come to realize that this toner is actually better than the Human Nature Balancing Toner.  It cleanses and balances better.  Since going on and off with OCM, I’d only wash my face with water in the morning and tone using this.   My face feels clean and balanced after.  And it kind of contributes to minimizing my pores as well.

Repurchase? Yes.


4. Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin

Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin


Price: PHP99.00



I’ve purchased a couple of Veet products before, like when they first came out, but I never became loyal to the brand because I thought they never were able to fully pluck out my armpit hairs.  I remember having tried the peel off Veet and a Veet cream as well.  They just don’t completely remove the hair.  I don’t know if I’m doing it the wrong way but the Veet peel off wax(which really looked convenient) was only able pluck out 2 or 3 out of, say, 6 strands in one go…that’s when I’m lucky.  The cream on the other hand(which has an annoying scent) can’t really give me a clean shave.  It can only shave off 90% of the hair.  So you still got some hair sticking out.  And it’s not advisable to reapply the cream in case you’re unhappy about the first shave.  But having said all of the above, I still find Veet as the most convenient way of hair removing.  I only raise my arms for a couple of seconds to apply cream, wait for 5 minutes(arms down) and raise arms again to shave for a few seconds.  And it’s quick! And it’s painless!

shave = using the spatula to “shave” off hair

Repurchase? You know what, Imma say yes.  A tube is good for probably 10 uses.  That’s roughly 5 months of painless depilating.


So that’s it for some collective haul for the months August and September.

Good night!