Now the only blush brushes I own are from the Marionnaud brand which are sold in Watsons.

While the first Marionnaud angled brush was soft, the way it deposits product is kind of annoying.  Sometimes it hardly deposits on skin.  The second brush, which I think is from their Premium line (matte black long handle) is better at picking up product and depositing on my cheeks BUT is scratchy on my skin.

Enter Elf Studio Blush Brush.

Elf Studio Blush Brush + Etude House Darling PP912 nails


This brush rated so high in that I knew I had to get one.  Because it’s ELF, it’s definitely cheap and easy to find.  Neuronshots -> nearest mall -> ELF counter -> brush not in counter :(

Neither does the SA in the Ayala ELF counter know about this brush.  Then again she’s not hired by ELF.

So I went home sad.

Then one random day while I was browsing through, I saw this listed under brushes. YAHOO!

Priced at PHP150, I immediately ordered and got it a few days after. MORE YAHOO!

it’s slim!


looks sooo dirt-ay!


I didn’t bother washing it when I got it because I was too excited. I know. YUCK. But I was too excited to care.

And this brush did not disappoint!

Now, when it comes to cheeks, I like to build color.  I don’t like the one dip, one swipe, then blend method.  I like starting light then building it up because of my huge face…well not really super huge, but I have semi-wide cheeks(I’m fat OK?) so there’s a need for me to make sure that I don’t go overboard with blushing and this brush is THE TOOL if you’re cheap like me.

It picks up minimal amount of product on the first dip but deposits and blends really nicely.  Meaning, it maximizes whatever it picked up but at the same time it’s able to sheer it out up until where you want the blush color to fade(did that make sense?).  And because it’s smaller than the Marionnaud brushes, the chances of anyone applying beyond an area they’re working on is quite slim.

And it is soft!!!!!

If you’re cheap like me, you’d probably use this for contouring as well.  Well I did and the portion which you can use to contour is a bit too small for that kind of application.  But again, you still can but it’s just… let me explain.. while I like to build color on my cheeks, contouring is quite different for me, I like to start heavy then blend + blend + blend..I have a medium-deep shade so building color is going to take the bronzer way too long to show up any shadow on my skin (enter scratchy Marionnaud Premium angled blush brush for contouring :S).

Obviously I like this brush.  It’s soft, cheap and makes blending powder blushes easy.

So where to get this brush if you live in Cebu?  I saw the SM ELF counter stocked up with this for PHP250-ish a piece.

If you justify shipping cost like I do, dividing shipping cost by the number of items bought, then getting this online might be a cheaper option.  I got mine for PHP150 from   And because I got four other items from her, the total cost of the brush was around PHP170.  WIN!

‘Til the next brush review!