Hella busy this week.
Busy to the point where I haven’t continued my OCM (lasted for a week only) because when I get home, the bed calls me out oh so sweetly I just dive into my bed ’cause I’m exhausted like that.

I have about 15 minutes to type as I need to head out to client’s office.

So just very quicky…I finally bought new batteries for my camera!!!
And that means I can post better photos of my August haul..maybe doing it over the weekend.
And I might update other photos in my blog that were taken with my camera phone.
Reviews (to be in the collective haul post) to look forward to: Benefit Bella Bamba (for NC42-44 skin) cause there’s not much review about it from the darker ladies, ELF blush brush, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and some other stuff I’m sure I stacked in my dresser. LOL!

What else???
I hardly have anything to rant about as I seem oblivious of the real world the past few days.

Oh I had my birthday…ya..not too excited about aging..so I didn’t really celebrate it.

And I really need to head out now…

Til my next post!