New sunscreen!

Avon Anew 360 White SPF50 PA+++


I just got this at about 9 in the morning from my Avon Lady and tried it around 9:45 am.

I already had make-up on and could not resist trying it, so I squeezed out a tiny amount, rubbed it between my fingers and patted it onto my face so as not to destroy my make-up. And it’s been more than 2 hours and I am matte!!!

According to the product:

-it gives 360 worry free protection

-non greasy formula that provides the first line defense with wide spectrum protection from UVA/UVB rays

-has breakthrough “JNK-Cutting” technology (Whatever that is) which prevents and minimizes darkening signals activated by UV rays

-has several active whitening ingredients

Now I’m not sure about the technology and whitening ingredients but DAMNNNN it is non greasy at all.  And apparently it has mattifying and oil controlling effects.

Then again, I put it on after make-up which isnt really the order of skin care application.

This is what I had on before this (in case it matters):

1. Washed my face with water.

2. Gently wiped my face with Dickinson With Hazel Toner (Yellow bottle)

3. Applied 1 drop of Dessert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil all over my face (rubbed between palms before application)

4. Patted Pond’s Age Miracle Cell Regen Moisturizer (Normal/Dry) all over my face

5. Buffed in Buff’d Concealing Mineral Foundation in Buff.

After almost 2 hours, I applied 2 very tiny amounts of the Anew 360 White UV Block.

(Before patting on the sunscreen, I blotted my face with tissue as I was oiling up already…)

And after 2 hours of wear, I am still not an oil slick! Not even close! So far from being one actually!

This is a winner…as I type.

PHP399 – Avon Lady

PS. I couldn’t find reviews about this product online so I just had to put one out.  This might just end my lemming for the Biore UV Face Milk.

Full review in 2 weeks I guess? Let me know if interested! :)