..this is my blog afterall.
now i know most bloggers are not full time bloggers there is one thing ive noticed…especially now that ive been making joining giveaways a shameful habit…it’s i’m sure a lot of people have noticed it too…but the thing is..not all bloggers who host blog giveaways announce winners on time (some that Ive joined have not yet announced winners for 2 months after closing dates..err). Or some of them have “totally forgotten” announcing winners..like as if it was a bait to join and subscribe to their blogs or channels. I used to ignore giveaways, being “all too cool” for it (whut??!!) but ..what i’m trying to say is..(brainfarting)..are bloggers faking giveaways to lure in more subscribers to their sites? is this something new? or is this something that has been going on for a long time now? tsk tsk