If you check this post https://neuronshots.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/718/, I said I was not going to repurchase The Face Shop eye lash curler any longer…until 2 days ago I realized that my lashes were not coated with mascara and yet after 10 hours they were still curled strongly.  I wasn’t sure if I had put on mascara so the next day I made sure to not put any mascara to my curled lashes c/o The Face Shop.  I had zumba classes that night so that means I’m gonna be sweating it out and it’d be a test on as to how long lasting the curls can get (Work starts at 8:30AM, Zumba ends at 7:30PM)

Ohmigod.  After zumba classes, my lashes without any mascara were still curled.  It was only when I got them wet (I washed my face with water right after I changed into new clothes) that they went back straight.

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, my lashes aren’t too problematic.  They’re not too thick, and they’re not too short.  So any ordinary curler would work.  But no eyelash curler (Cala is the most “expensive” I’ve gone which is about 4USD or PHP160~) holds up my lashes all throughout the day. Ever!

For shape comparison: Cala vs The Face Shop

Basically, what I’m trying to say is…I’ll be able to save a lot on mascara because I no longer need a mascara just to hold my curled lashes. :)

All I need to do is curl ’em with The Face Shop gold eye lash curler (PHP205).  But when it comes to curling, I’ve to really look at the mirror ’cause it really folds my lashes :S But not something that I should make a huge deal of, right?

Repurhcase?  Oh Yes!