Drum Roll Please!!!

The giveaway prize I won has finally arrived!!!! Online giveaways are real y’all!!!!


I actually got this last August 2 all the way from shannonmillerlifestyle.com!

(Shoutout to Ken Harper and Lauren Domene of shannonmillerlifestyle.com for contacting me! And of course to Shannon Miller for hosting this giveaway!!)

Little trivia, I’m a huge fan of the Magnificent 7 all the way from ’96.

Now I know there’s a new breed of American gymnasts but no one can ever beat the 1996 Olympic US Gymnastics Team. #fact

And Shannon Miller was my favorite..ok there was Dominique Dawes too and the cuteness that was Dominique Moceanu.

So back to what I won:

Yves Rocher Anti-Wrinkle Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream

Yves Rocher Anti-Wrinkle Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream

My mother now has the cream.  But I was able to try it when I got it.  So I can’t make a full good review on it.  But here’s my little take on it:  It feels so good on that hands and I feel like it’s really nourishing.  The cream has the right amoung of richness.  The downside to the hand cream though is the scent.  I know it’s made up of a lot of natural ingredients but the scent was just off putting.  As my officemate would put it, it smells like the “stench” that comes out of an open casket with a dead person in it.(Lol! That’s how the dead rolls here in the Philippines!)  And with that, I wouldn’t use it during the day before going out.  I’d use it at night though when I’m about to go to bed or when I’m done with the dishes and the laundry but would only leave home when the scent has disappeared.

But yes, it is a rich nourishing cream that I wish I could use everyday.

I think I’ll ask my mom to put the cream in the fridge.  Let’s see what happens.