Finally the last part of the June/July haul!!!!!


Ok, without futher ado, here we go!!!

Marrionaud Premium Angled Blush Brush + The Face Shop Gold Eye lash Curler

Purchases of both make-up tools were influenced by beauty bloggers (see how huge of an impact bloggers can make on purchasing behavior???).

1. Marrionaud Premium Angled Blush Brush

PHP299 – Watsons

Blogger recommended:

I had the older version of the Marrionaud one, which was really soft and smooth but somehow I just wasn’t all too satisfied with it.  Then I read a review last year from about the new angled blush brush that Marrionaud came out with.  Almost a year after, I got my self one (because I had those 2 bronzers to work with -which was enough reason for me to buy a new brush) and I wasn’t too happy.  I am still convincing myself that I got a dud.  It is scratchy on my face and it SHED like crazy on my first wash.  Second wash, it shed 2 strands. On the bright side, it picks up and distributes blushes nicely.  As for bronzers/contouring, it’s too huge, although I like the stiffness of the brush for contouring.  I just wish it was a little bit smaller.

Repurchase? No.  What I want to try now is the ELF blush brush that’s tapered.

2. The Face Shop Gold Eye Lash Curler


Blogger recommended:

When someone compares a cheaper eyelash curler to a Shu Uemura, neuronshots heads out the door and brings home the bacon!  Lol! Seriously, I can’t pay 1000 pesos for an eyelash curler, that’s already a pair of good shoes or 2 good totes or shoulder bags.  So Shu Uemura and me…just not happening.  I do remember having tried it and I’ve to say IT IS GOOD.  It doesn’t pinch, gets the lashes in very nicely and curled right.  But then again, I don’t have problematic lashes so any eyelash curler will do.  But any eyelash curler that can come close to the Shu design-wise and far from the Shu price is more than welcome.  Enter The Face Shop Gold Eye lash curler.  I read about it in blessmybag and that is was actually good, even better than Fanny Serrano and Shu Uemura.  And that was the cue.  I went through 3 curlers before settling with the one I have.  There seems to be some inconsistency in the grip area of these curlers.  Among the curlers I tried, two felt loose, and one felt too tight.  And all the SA could say was, “Mam, pareho lang na sila” (Mam, they’re all the same).  Of course, the SA received some hot lovin’ from moi.  Honey, I know quality assurance, don’t tell me they’re all the same!  So I still got one without having to try them on my lashes because they didn’t have a tester.  A few hours after, friends and I decided to get a photo of us taken, and because that was a Sunday (make-up rest day) I only had lipstick on.  Out came the new eye lash curler.  And I went HMMMMM…. #1. Pinch, there was a pinch #2. The midway curl is not pretty (it looked like my lashes were folded).  #3 At least it curled all my lashes in one go.  So this is one’a’dem products where what works for you may not work for me and vice versa.

I need a mirror when I’m using this eye lash curler because it curls awkwardly midway (between root and tip).  Like as if my lashes were folded and that does not look pretty at all.

Repurchase? No. But I would use the wideness of the Face Shop curler as my basis when I’m out to get another brand.

Next,Etude Buys!!!

This was totally unplanned.  I was not supposed to buy anything from this cute little shop.  But because I was sad that the shop that carried the item I had wanted to buy that day went out-of-stock, I went on to become an emotional shopper.  #nothinkjustshop

Pearl Extract Mask, Petit Darling Nails HD Beam PP912, Real Matte Top Coat, Proof 10 Eye Primer, Liquid Pump Bottle

1. Petit Darling Nails HD Beam PP912

PHP98 – Etude House

This is probably the only taupe nail polish I can find in sunny Cebu.  And I really really like this shade a lot.  I’ve seen so many photos of taupe nail polishes, and I always fall in love.  It’s the right kind of sophistication.  It’s modern and yet classy.  But unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any taupe shades among local nail polish brands (Caronia, I forgot the rest but really, no one carries taupe.  Is it hard to create this shade?)

I don’t even remember Sally Hansen(Metro Ayala) or Revlon (Revlon counters) carrying a taupe shade in any of their nail polishes.  And I have no clue where OPI can be bought here in Cebu City aside from Rustan’s which I know carries the brand, still no taupe shade.  There aren’t any accessible NYX counters here as well.  So if you are in Cebu City, looking for a taupe nail polish, head to Etude House.

It’s cheap at PHP98, lasts for 1 week until sides chip off and it’s TAUPE!

Repurchase? OH YES! And even if I find NYX and OPI versions of the taupe, I will still end up buying the Etude version because I will be that obsessed with this shade.

2. Etude House Real Matte Top Coat

PHP198 – Etude House

After more than a year of lemming for this, I finally bought one!  I really don’t know why I haven’t picked this up even with the Ayala branch (which is hella nearer to my office) open months ago.  That day has finally come!  I was so excited to use this because aside from liking taupe, I like matte as well.  Modern, sophisticated, different, I am all for it!

I used it on the same day I bought it because I was that egzoyted. I applied two coats on top of the PP912.  The first coat made the nail polish shade lighter and matte -like matte rough.  The second coat, gave it that satin matte finish.  But the shade had somewhat changed from taupe to light plum.  Not unhappy, but no longer excited.  I had wanted a dark matte taupe shade but the top coat seemed to make the shade lighter and it made my nails look kind of cheap.  Like as if I had the cheapest nail polish on.  2 days after, I can see the gloss of the PP912 come through.

Repurchase? No.

3. Proof 10 Eye Primer

PHP298 – Etude House

I’ve made mention of this particular product in one of my product reviews: Eye Love Thee.  And this was one of the three eye products that I cannot live without.  This is the solution to my oily lids.  I was suppose to make a full review of it, a Part 3, but lazy bug bit me.  But let me tell you how this thing works for me.  In about 4 hours, my lids will experience some creasing but definitely no oiling.  Neither will my eye liner horrifyingly transfer to my under eyes or to my upper lids(it still smudges but not too obvious).  I never leave the house without this on especially when I have liner on.  Very important to note though that you must blend this well on your lids and under eye or else dry blotches will appear on your lids and they cannot be undone unless you wash ’em off and when the package says dispose 6 months after opening, dispose or don’t use the product anymore because it’s no longer as potent as it used to be.

Repurchase? Yes.  This is my 2nd tube.

4. Liquid Pump Bottle

PHP178 – Etude House

Bottles like this, you will never find locally, unless some foreign brand brings it in.  That is how uninnovative(does this word exist?)  my country is.   #justcanthelpit

So the reason why I got this bottle is because, aside from it being “innovative”, it helps me not waste too much product, say a toner, when dispensing on a cotton ball.  Pouring straight from the common bottle leaves me little control on how much product comes out of it.  With this, all I have to do is place the cotton ball on top of what looks like a suction cup, pump twice and I get a nice moist cotton ball.  The only downside to this “innovative” (lol) bottle is when you shake the bottle, especially when the liquid requires to be shaken before using, liquid splashes out of the bottle.  Must.Shake.Gently.

Repurchase? Tony Moly sells this kind of bottle for the same price, I might want to check that out on my next bottle purchase.

5. EtudeHouse Pearl Extract Mask

Free for every PHP500+ single receipt purchase in Etude House

No Review. I have 2 of these, one from last year which I haven’t used yet and this one(pictured above) that came in free with my purchase.

And now, the reason why I binged on Etude House.

Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil

The only purchase I was going to make that Sunday afternoon was the Desert Essence Jojoba Oil at Healthy Options (which was the only shop that carried Jojoba Oil in Cebu after making calls to Mercury and Watsons).  I was able to call in days earlier if they had stocks and how much it was.

Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil

(pronounced as ho-ho-ba)

PHP 500 for 2 Fl. Oz  PHP850 for 4 Fl. Oz  – Healthy Options

When I visited the store, the last PHP500 bottle was just purchased leaving the PHP850 bottles the only jojoba oil available.  For a first time user, I was hesitant to buy the bigger bottle simply because the oil might not work on me.  And the reason why I wanted to get this particular oil was because a few days earlier I chanced upon a Youtube video that said something like How I made my face less oily.  It was from a youtube user named blackandwhitecollage.  The product that treated her oily face was jojoba oil.  For 2 days straight, all I researched about was jojoba oil.  The thing with jojoba oil is that it’s a wax esther that tricks your skin to produce lesser oil because it mimics the sebum our glands produce.  Sounds reasonable to me!  The search for jojoba oil commenced!  And this is where I found myself contemplating whether to get the larger bottle or not.  I didn’t get it immediately.  I listed to be called by Healthy Options once stock of the PHP500 bottle became available.  I was so sad.  Depressed.  I had the intention to start oiling up with jojoba that night.  But no jojoba.  :(  I went inside the Ayala mall, found myself in Etude House and started picking things I shouldn’t have and damaged my wallet.  But because I can’t seem to go home empty handed (even if I had bought Etude products already), I went back in after 3 hours and got myself the larger bottle.  PHP1500 in one night! Oh Boy!  This better be worth it.  I better be less oily!

(By the way, this was the day I was told by the person who analyzed my skin that my skin was actually Dry.  I need 20% more moisture and the reason why I’m oily is because I put on products that have oil in them and here I was buying myself oil for my face)

So now to the product.  Compared to Human Nature’s Sunflower Beauty Oil, this isn’t as greasy, nor does it have the cooking oil smell which makes  it safe to put on before going out.  I first used this as a moisturizer, mixing 4 drops to my night moisturizer.  Effect? Still oily.  Next method, was to lessen the drops to 2. Effect? Still oily.

Then I tried the oil cleansing method with this oil alone.  Four drops onto my palm, rubbed it, applied on my face and applied a warm damp towel cloth on my face until it cooled. Effect? Still Oily.

I’m about to give up.  But wait! 2 days ago I decided not put any make-up.  Method? Rubbed 2 drops of jojoba oil between my palms, applied on my face, then applied moisturizer, blotted before applying sunscreen.  Effect? No longer extremely oily!!! So the make-up was making me oily! At the same time, my skin seems really good.  I mean, the reason why I wear make up is because I wanted good skin but the jojoba oil actually made it better after 3 weeks.  I did break out on the 2nd week which I read is called the “purging process”.  It supposed to bring out the dirt that clogged pores.  And skin is to get better after 1 month of usage.  I’m on the 3rd week, and for me to walk out of the house without make-up is an indication that my skin seems a lot better.  It’s not the best but it doesn’t look dull as it was before.  And the oiliness has gone down to about 50%!!!!  Patience really is a virtue.

Now, it might have taken this long to take effect on my face but let me tell where I love to put this oil on: Scalp and Body.

While it wasn’t showing anything positive on my face, I massage 4 drops (rubbed between my damp hands) onto damp scalp, run my oiled up fingers through my hair and rub leftover oil on the tips.  I leave it on for about 3 minutes and I shampoo it off.  Result? Beautiful hair!  I have an oily scalp and this routine actually helps keep oil at bay.  Which means I only shampoo every other day :)

As for the body, I love this oil!!!  I use it as an aftershower oil.  Rub 3 drops(upper body) and 4 drops(lower body) and massage onto wet skin.  Dry patches and eczema gone!  And my skin is super soft and smooth.  I now like touching my skin and I’m no longer conscious about getting touched(like when someone’s arm accidently touches mine or when someone tries to grab my arm) because it is just so smooth!  I’m not sure if my arms’ skintone have lightened up, but according to an officemate, my arms look lighter.

Repurchase? If my face gets better then yes!