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Part Deux: Time for the make up post. So these are the items I got, some repurchased, for the months June and July

1. Buff’d Concealing Mineral Foundation in Buff

PHP370 – Clearance sale/10g/ebay.ph/auauland

I did a live blog when I first tested this out.  I got Buff and Saffron back then.  Saffron being darker and orange for my skintone.  So the obvious repurchase was Buff.  This mineral foundation covers really well for me.  I don’t have pimples but I do have those blemishes every now and then.  But my huge problem are enlarged pores and having an oily skin.  Like I can see my pores spew out oil.  It is disgusting.  This foundation keeps it at bay.  I’m not matte all day long with this but at least it gives coverage (which is buildable) and at the same time it makes my face dewy for a pretty long time before I become an oil mine.  It could get cakey if not buffed in well.  I use my Charm mini kabuki brush on days when I can have light coverage and Charm flat top kabuki brush for heavy coverage.  Very important to have a moisturized skin or else, it’ll go cakey and no, oily skin is not moisturized skin. And brushes have to be clean for this to blend well with the skin. Now my only problem is my ebay seller no longer carries this, therefore I’ve to pay high shipping fees when ordering this all the way from Canada since Buff’d is all the way from that side of the world and only sells their products online.  I’m half way through the 10 grams, that means I’ve about 2 more months to figure out how I can secure another 10 grams without the shipping costs.

Repurchase? Yes.

2. Avon Ultra Luxury Eye Liner in Dark Brown

PHP149 – Avon Lady

I’ve to say that pencil eyeliners are the easiest and fastest to apply.  So if I’m running late for work, I grab the pencil, however, I don’t really put liners everyday because they all smudge at some point.  I already have this in black and the reason why I got this was because the brown I had from back in the day  (Avon Simply Pretty) was stinging my eyes.  Crazy!  I don’t remember it stinging before but it stung like crazy.  So I went to my Avon Lady and got the brown shade of this line.  I read in most blogs that this was a good liner.  Any my experience with the black one wasn’t too awful.  It still smudges but I’ve come to learn a trick.  Aside from applying eye primer(take note oily lids, eye primer is a must. Must learn to accept it), after lining my lids, I blend it out using the Marionnaud angled liner brush (the one that came with a spooly).  It lessens the chances of smudging and racoon eyes.  And it makes the liner look more natural, think friendly smoked-out eyes. I also use this particular shade to contour the lids as I have hooded lids.  So I just follow the line of my outer socket and blend it out.  Easy look to achieve in 1 minute when going out for dinner.  As for the waterline, I’m sure it stayed for some hours but I’m also sure I had to reapply.  I’m not going to complain about having to reapply as pencils are easy to carry in my purse.

Repurchase? It’s not the best thing in the world for sure, but it’s the quickest to apply and the easiest to bring.  So Yes I will repurchase.

3. Nichido shifter jar

PHP80 – Nichido counters everywhere

Because the Buff’d foundation didn’t come with a jar (it was just housed in a small ziplocked packet) I had to get me a jar that wasn’t flimsy at the same time was not crazy expensive.  Most jars I saw where priced 50 pesos below but where all flimsy and I was sure they’d make my Buff’d a huge mess inside my bag.  Nichido was apparently the only cosmetic counter that carried sifter jars. They only came in 1 sizes and 2 tacky color cases, glittered pink and glittered blue.  But in terms of durability and functionality, the jar was excellent.  I’m not  very good describing it but all I can say is, if you are looking for a sifter jar to house your loose powders, get the Nichido tubs.

Repurchase? There’s no reason for me to get this again because it is reusable but it is a buy you will not regret.  So Imma just say yes. Next we have some of my ebay purchases. If you’ve been reading my blog (which I doubt there are any), I wrote about how I went on a bronzer binge because of that Guerlain Terracota bronzer bid I lost.  Well here are 2 of the 3 bronzers (I gave the other one, an NYC mosaic bronzer in Mocha Glow to my friend’s sister who happens to love makeup as well)

Somehow my camera phone managed to capture their exact shade.

1. Milani Sunset Duo in Sunset Breeze

PHP166.25 – ebay.ph/jnlink777

This was actually the 3rd bronzer I got because apparently the other 2 NYC bronzers I won in a bid had shimmers and this particular bronzer was matte.

As seen in the photo it’s got a matte bronzer and a shimmery pink blush.  Both actually appear on my skin (if MAC, I’d be NC40-42).  Both are not hard to pick up with any brush.  The shimmer from the blush hardly shows up on my skin.  I use the bronzer to contour the cheekbones, and the sides of my face.  As for the lasting power, I don’t think they last too long on my very oily skin.

Repurchase?  I’d probably get a separate bronzer and a separate blush if I’m bored with this.  But if my skin went from oily to normal, I sure would get this one since the colors show up nicely on my skin.

2.  NYC Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder

PHP111 – ebay.ph/bigtokyo

This was one of the 2 NYC bronzers I won in a bid after that frustrating Guerlain bid.  It comes with 2 shimmery bronzers, one is a peachy shimmery highlighter while the other one’s a shimmery bronzer.  The shimmers intimidated me so I only use a little amount of the 2 on my face.  As much as I want to love the “highlighter”, it doesn’t seem to put a nice blended “glow” on my face.  The bronzer on the other hand, as much as I want to hate it, it actually looks good.  Plus the shimmer, again, hardly shows up on the skin.

Apparently, the product label says it is oil absorbing, which I don’t think worked on my very oily face.

Repurchase?  The bronzer (darker shade) is a yes.  The highlighter would be a no.

Prestige Classic Lipsticks in Catwalk, Glitz and Beet


As I was checking my stash of about 10+, I realized that I lean more towards darker shades.  I only own 1 nude shade, and it’s not even mine! LOL!

1. Prestige Classic Lipsticks

PHP75 – ebay.ph/my.jehovah_jireh

I’m not good with describing shades so I’m just going to head straight to reviewing the lasting power of both lipsticks.  3 hours tops with eating!  No eating, then they could last for 5 hours.  They’re not too drying.  And what I like about both shades is that with one swipe, you can already have a good tint on your lips.  Go darker and you can opt to just have a bare face as the shade could be enough make-up.

Repurchase? Oh yes.

(Glitz is going to be given to my mother, so I can’t review yet.  What I can say though is that it’s got shimmers, I think.)

And because most of the products in this post are from ebay, save for the Avon eye liner, I’m going to include 2 creams/lotions from ebay as well.

Beauty Credit Organics Whitening Body Blemish Balm (body lotion ) 50 grams, Organic Solutions Secret Oil Control and Illuminating Translucent Primer or Moisturizer

1. Beauty Credit Organics Whitening Body Blemish Balm (body lotion)

PHP140.01 – ebay.ph/bigtokyo

What’s with the 1 centavo?  Weirdest pricing ever.  Anyway, I got this because of the eczema I was suffering from.  Way before the hydrocortisone, I got this thinking it would whiten or heal that particular skin disease.  As the product says, it Conceals Dark Spots, Hydrates, Whitens and Brightens.  It doesn’t fully cover the dark spots but it does at to some extent fade any discoloration you have.  And if you want a quick temporary whitening product, this does the job.  It whitens and brightens in a snap!

As for the hydrating part? I can’t really tell as I still see some dry spots around my arms and legs.  It’s quite thick in texture so it’s doesn’t spread all too easily.

Repurchase? I actually would, just to “fade” scars or nasty peklats stat.

But what’s with the 1 centavo really?

2. Organic Solutions Secret Oil Control Primer or Moisturizer

PHP150 – ebay.ph/gltms

Ya’ know, I bought this in good faith.

And as much as I want to write about it here, let my live blog about it do the talking –> https://neuronshots.wordpress.com/2012/05/28/live-blogging-organic-solutions-secret-oil-control-primer-or-moisturizer/

Repurchase? Hell No.

Part 3 will be about my most recent purchases.  ‘Til the next post!