So here is my second collective haul for the months June and July.  I know I missed out some items which basically means they were mediocre and I could no longer care for them.  I’m going to split my collective haul because this is going to be looooong.

Again, I’m just adding up to Google’s list of reviews for the products I will be reviewing/featuring in this post.  I hope this post helps anyone’s purchasing woes.

And I know I said in about 2 posts ago that I would get me new batteries for better photos, well I got too lazy and had these photos on my phone prior to that post and because I got my blogging groove on at this very moment I ‘m going to use what I currently have so that I won’t have a reason to delay this post.

So let me start with the skincare:

For the Face:

Lactacyd + Aqua Massage Pure Cellulose Sponge + Maybelline Eye and Lip Make Up Remover

1. Lactacyd Baby Bath

PHP60-ish for the smaller bottle and 175 for the larger bottle.

I grew up with this.  And I’m sure a lot of us did up until we got into our teens and started using products meant for facial care AKA Eskinol ( mother made me use every day which I loathe with all my heart because I was so convinced that I do not need it).

I grabbed it because I thought it was gentle and maybe it’s time to go gentle on my skin instead of going extremely squeaky clean(which I still look for in a cleanser).  Which means, I need to bank on my toner a lot because this might not be able to really get rid of the dirt and grime I collect through out the day.  Well, I was right.  It doesn’t really give me that super clean  face to the point of toners becoming unnecessary.  But fact remains, it is gentle.  That is why when using this(which by the way I am sticking to), make up removers and toners are a must.  And another fact remains, this cleanser does not dry up or strip off the moisture from my face.

AND this is what I’ve been using as a feminine wash instead of those douche gels meant for Miss Down There because it’s a lot more gentle.  And I’ve observed that ever since I’ve been using this on Miss Down There, she doesn’t go dry. She’s happy and is ready to make someone very happy. LOL!

Repurchase? Yes! A day after above photo was taken, I got the larger bottle.

2. Aqua Massage Pure Cellulose Sponge (2 pads in 1 pack)

PHP72-ish at Watsons

I got this because featured it(not this sponge in particular because the one she got was at around 50 pesos) and said that she liked it as a make up remover and at the same time I was needing one because I’ve gotten rid of the Marrionaud one that I had from a year back.

It’s come with 2 pads of different colors.  And I use this to remove my make-up remover.  And yes, I do wet this when I’m using it and clean it with the Lactacyd.  And do I like it?  It’s alright.  It doesn’t hurt my face but it’s quite flimsy actually.

I folded it with my index finger in between to get a better control of the removal and the sides kind of got torn.  It’s not much of a fuss really but it made me wonder about the sponge’s lifespan.

Repurchase? Not sure because I think in terms of durability the Marrionaud sponge was better.

3. Maybelline Make Up Remover for Eye and Lips

PHP99 for the smaller bottle which will last for 2 months.

PHP199 for the larger bottle.

I did mention I was going to repurchase this and this was a must buy.  And yes I got another one.

This thing really works.  I’ve tried it on my lips and it does remove the lip stain, think Magic Lipstick -those lipsticks that sell for cheap but stay so long up until the next day.

Again, I just use cotton pads.  Pour this onto the pad, a little bit of wiggle and swipe and make-up gone!


Gosh, you have no clue how many moisturizers I have collected over the past 2 years.  I did check on my stuff  2 weeks ago and I have had about 10 moisturizers with only 3 in rotation because I’ve sworn off the rest that I purchased with my own money.  Add all those moisturizers up I could have gotten my self a La Mer cream…ok maybe not…but a  Clinique for sure.  Having said that, these are the moisturizers I’ve gotten my self since June.

Avon Rejuvenate Revitalist Night Cream, St Ives Timeless Skin Elastin Collagen Facial Moisturizer, Pond’s Age Defense Multi Benefit Illuminating Cream with SPF

1. Avon Rejuvenate Revitalist Night Cream

PHP549 – Avon Lady

I got this 30gram tub for 449 as it was on sale in the July 1 to 15 brochure where the 15 gram was priced at 549 -easy math.  This has been my 3rd tub, a staple in my skin care routine.  When I first used this back in March,  I wasn’t sure if this was doing wonders for my skin but I just love the texture of this cream and the fact that I have an Anti-Aging Night Cream makes me think that I’m all grown up (ya, whatever).  And on the 2nd tub I noticed that the pores on my nose have gotten smaller, not drastically but at least it was showing signs that it was working, although the product description said that about a number of women using it noticed pores getting smaller by the 3rd week of use (didn’t happen to me).  So because I saw it worked by the 2nd tub, I have repurchased my 3rd tub and might really stick to this until I need to upgrade my anti-aging cream.

Repurchase? Yes.

2.  St. Ives Timeless Skin Elastin Collagen Facial Moisturizer

PHP236 for 283 grams

283 grams! How do I even finish this up?  I saw this rated high on and thought why not?  It faired well on most reviews and it was cheap(MAJOR FACTOR).  One of the top ingredients was Mineral Oil which I later found out was not good for the skin but I have to say that when I first used this, my friend noticed that I looked young, talk about ‘timeless skin’  and when I had my skin analysis with this on, my results said that my elasticity was higher than what was required of any skin.  Talk about Elastin!

The cream is quite runny in texture and is easily drunk up by the skin.  As much as I want to slather this to quench my skin, the high mineral oil content is holding me back from doing that.

Repurchase? This tub is almost 300 grams which makes me wonder if I’ll ever need to repurchase one because that tub can last me forever.  But just in case I lost this mother of a tub(God only knows how that’s possible) I would consider repurchasing it.

3. Pond’s Age Defense Multi Benefit Illuminating Cream


Pond’s was never nice on my skin, just like MAC so anything Pond’s never made it to my radar.  Plus, I’m not so huge on their “Pinkish White Glow” campaign because for one I am a morena and number 2, I have Yellow undertones.  Pond’s and my skin just don’t match.  But I amazingly spent about 10 minutes reading through the ingredients, trying out the tester and really contemplating hard if I should get it.  Next thing I knew, I was headed to the counter Pond’s cream in tow.  Way before I got the St. Ives Moisturizer(see #2), I’ve been using this in the morning and I’ve gotten the impression that this works well with the Night Cream(see#2) since my pores have gotten smaller ever since  I started using this.  I like the fact that when I put this on, it does illuminate my skin and it has SPF in it which cuts down my skin care routine.  But as for oil control? NADA!  It doesn’t make my skin worse but any moisturizer with oil control would definitely be of holy grail status.

Repurchase? It’s a Yes and a No.  Yes if this was the only thing available and No if Olay is available because I would like to try that.

Body Care

Because we’re talking about skin care, might as well talk about Body Care.

Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Original Moisturizing Lotion, Deonat Curcuma Mineral Deodorant Stick, Pharex Hydrocortisone Cream 0.1%

1. Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Original Moisturizing Lotion

PHP85 at Rustan’s Grocery

The very reason why I got this was because the skin behind my right knee is suffering from what I call “half-eczema, half-psoriasis”.  It was DISGUSTING! I didn’t notice it up until the scratching got more frequent and when I checked behind my knee it looked DISGUSTING!SUPER HORRIFYING! I got rashes and the skin got dark and DISGUSTING!!! I could not wear shorts anymore.  And this happened back in April.  I tried to treat with Kati-Alis(English Translation: ITCH BE GONE or we can go dumb with ITCH GO AWAY!), with creams that had sulfate, with Dr. Wong’s Sulfur soap, Belo Whitening lotion, a cream I got from just for that, foundation…name it, I’m sure I thought of trying it but none kept my fingers from scratching my skin.  And when I saw this in the grocery with the words: HEAL, DRY, ECZEMA,  I went for it!

Now I don’t want to make this too long, but this product DID NOT DO ANYTHING for my skin not even the simplest flake.

Repurchase? A resounding No.

2. Pharex Hydrocortisone 0.1% cream


I honestly don’t know why I never googled “Skin rash behind knee treatment”.  It was only this early July that I thought of it.  You have no idea how many facepalms have hit my face.  And the winning treatment that came out of google was Hydrocortisone 0.1% cream.  I didn’t even go further to research on it, all I knew was most of the search results showed that particular cream, so I went straight to Watsons and bought the cheapest one (which was also the recommended brand by the pharmacist).  First day, I noticed less itching. 2nd week, I was no longer scratching.  This cream is DA BOMB!!!!  This healed my skin rashes and subsided the itch by heaps. I should have googled about this back in April, it could have healed my eczema cum psoriasis in a zap.  Now, I don’t have eczema anymore and darkened skin has faded a little bit.  I do still put this on just to avoid my skin in that area from drying.

Repurchase? A resounding Yes.  Even when I no longer suffer from “half-eczema half-psoriasis”

3. Deonat Curcuma Mineral Deodorant Stick

(Wow. Typing has never been this exhausting. And to think this is still Part 1.  I need to give my fingers some massaging tonight).

PHP100+ in Watsons

I only found this product in Watsons.  Basically it’s Tawas with color and nice packaging.  I bought it last June because I saw this being featured in one of Divasoria‘s glossy and I don’t remember what was said nice about it but I grabbed it because I was bored with my deodorant, I think it was a Nivea…actually prior to getting this, I hardly put on deodorant because I don’t really suffer from BO.  So back to the topic, I actually did not know that to use this you need to wet the top portion and apply it to the underarm in circular motion.  I got the whitening variant because I have a discoloration in the upper portion of my underarms(not really the underarm, but like the skin right before where the underarm skin begins, you guys get my drift?) because of fat friction y’all.  So I don’t want anything that darkens and I’m all for anything that whitens.  I haven’t checked my underarms because I don’t want to bother myself with this step.  Again, I don’t have BO so deodorizing doesn’t really matter to me.  “Sabon lang ang katapat”.

Repurchase? The whole point of reviewing this product is actually this part.  Let me tell you about something.  You can see in the photo above that I’ve only used about 7% of product.  Yes, in 2 months I’ve only consumed that much.  So in terms of repurchasing, I think the product will expire way before I can use up half of the stick.  Pseudo-economical.

Blogging is TaeBo for the fingers.