Former celeteque girl wants to win!

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For 4 years, in my early 20s, I’ve been loyal to Celeteque.  I’ve seen it get repackaged for 2 or 3 times.  Unfortunately, after hitting my mid-20’s, I’ve gotten a lot more oily and the brand that I’ve loved for years could no longer do much for me -aging included.

I’m still using the Hydrating Facial Wash every now and then, usually in the mornings but I don’t grab it as often as I do back in the day :(

I know they’ve expanded their basic Facial Wash, Toner and Moisturizer to Anti-aging, Restorative, Hydrating, Brightening and Acne Control lines and now call the whole thing as Celeteque DermoScience but never got to go back to try any.

It will be real treat if I win this giveaway.

(If it’s through raffle draws the my chances are officially zero as I am never lucky, though recently I have been, in raffle prizes).

I’m eyeing the Brightening range because everything in it is exactly what I need.

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I have dark spots that I have ignored for  years but have now been conscious about them because I think once you hit 27, those dark spots will be called “age spots”.  And AGE is never JUST a number.  I know we all agree!

The Tri-Benefit Power Cream (Brightening, Anti-aging and SPF 15) sounds exactly what I need as I’m entering my late 20s.  Sad story though, I’ve always been mistaken for someone who is in their 30’s or at least 4 years older than my real age ever since I turned 21.  At first I was fine with it because I initially did not want clients to know my real age so that I can kind of have that command on them and look credible for the job  but when you get past 25 and people think you’re 35, that is a whole different story.  No longer funny!

While teenagers slap on so many colors on their faces to look older, I am desperately finding ways to look younger without putting on obvious make-up.  #timeshavechanged

The last item included in the Brightening range is actually THE product that I have been interested in ever since Celeteque added DermoScience -The Eye Tuck + Dark Circles Brightener.  Proof that I need a lot of  under eye tucking(and this photo was taken on a good day, a once in a blue moon event):

I would always find myself contemplating on getting one but having read 1 review about it has always held me back from shelling out 300+ on a product that might only sound good on paper.

Here’s to hoping someone would finally get my age right!