I don’t normally join giveaways.

When I see a blog giveaway, I just kind of ignore it.

But today will be a different story.

I am officially joining blog giveaways.

And this will be one of the first ones I’m joining.


I am wishing myself some luck.

I think this is me getting all sorts of frustrated and depressed over losing that ebay auction 15 minutes ago on a Guerlain¬†Terracotta Bronzing Powder that I’ve been monitoring for 4 days only to have some random bidder win it.


And I need to make a post about the giveaway so that I can have more entries.

Does this sound like I sold my self to the devil?

If you stumble upon this post, please don’t join because I want to have more chances to win. :P

I hate that Bidder #4. ARGGGHHH!!!!!