I have something to say about the Bayo ads that have recently come out.

(This is me trying to be in the know of current events).

When I first saw the ads from chuvaness.com, first thing that went to my mind was:

“What the fuck?”

“What about 95% of this population that don’t have any foreign blood?”

“Bayo now into extreme niche marketing?”

“Discrimination much?”

I wanted to write a comment on the blog but I held my thoughts because everyone commenting seemed to have “mixes” and I thought I’d come out as a racist.

Then suddenly articles came out about the print ads that shared my same sentiments.

I took another look at the ads and realized that the campaign was not trying to discriminate but Bayo and whoever came up with the concept thought that they can feature their designs by identifying it with a country or a culture.


The half Chinese girl (well she’s not half because she’s 80% Chinese according to the Bayo calculator but I’m too tired to look for a word that means 80%, same goes out to everyone in the campaign who are not 50/50)wearing a red dress with gold cuffs, red lips, well coated eye lashes and raised skirt to mimic a slit :

How Ms. China.

Then you have the half Indian girl wearing a pair of golden yellow short trousers that’s supposed to represent the Indian sari I suppose:

The half Brit model, who I think has the worse styling out of the bunch…so boring go figure, I don’t even want to bother myself typing…wearing silver cuffs to remind us of the medieval times I guess?

Is this how Bayo thinks Brits dress?  Boring?

But since we are in the subject of stereotyping, i find the above outfit more Singaporean. Sorry for the boring tag but Singapore has always been corporate to my mind.

Even if I had a bangin’ body, I’d never use those pieces together.

They could’ve gotten rid of the coat, replaced the shorts with a skirt, tied the ends of the shirt together and given her hair some messy fringes.  Geesh.  Suddenly, Alexa Chung comes to mind.

Victoria Beckham wouldn’t even wear such a boring ensemble even if those are the last clothes on Earth.

And one more thing, they couldn’t even tuck her tummy via photoshop or give her some boobs.  WhattaFail!

Next Photo!

We now have the half African model in a Burgundy “Safari inspired” coat and shorts.  This campaign’s theme is really about stereotypes, huh?

And the last one, half Australian Jasmine Curtis Smith in a blue plaid top and khakis showing the Philippines “This is how boring ranch life in Australia is”

Oh Bayo!  What to do with these ads?

I get your concept.  It was supposedly easy, it was just supposed to be a catalog of your clothes but your execution was, well, for most it was discriminating while for me it was stereotyping.

The styling was very poor.  If I were a fashion retail brand, I’d never mix and match those clothes the way you did and call them “world class”.

To Bayo: You should fire whoever came up with A.) your designs B.) the styling C.) your ad and D.) the approval signature.