Prestige Wonder Full Lip Plumping Gloss with Maxi Lip in LPG-01 POSH

This is going to be a quick review of the Prestige Wonder Full Lip Plumping Gloss in POSH which I got last night from a relative.

I’ve always wondered if plumping glosses work, if they can indeed make my thin lips fuller cause I’ve no clue how in the world of science they can do that.  All I know is plumping glosses are spicy and tingles the lips to make them swell.  If I wanted my lips to swell then all I have to do is bring out a sweet candy and let the red ants come for it and lead them to my lips. #cannibalism

I had every intention of ignoring this lip gloss but after seeing how it rated 4.6 on, I took it out for a road test.

I was so keen on seeing it work, I forgot to take a before and after photo :( but I did take down notes  while my lips were glossed with it:

1. The formula has this more solid consistency compared to average lip glosses, has shimmer but hardly shows up on your lips which is comforting to know, and smells like sweet vanilla.

2. Minty feel on the lips lasts for 2 and a half hours.  I realized that “feel” made me pout.

3.  It’s not sticky or gummy.

4. Gloss lasts for about 5 hours on lips even after light eating and smoking.

5. I didn’t feel my lips  swelling and getting inflamed(like as if I’ve been bitten by an ant or was injecting them with collagen).  So not sure about the plumping part but pout I did!

6. The gloss comes out pretty strong on the lips which helps in deflecting light and giving the illusion of bigger lips but is bordering ohmigod-she-drinks-oil so a little goes a long way with this one.  (It has a net weight of 7ml)

7.  Doesn’t remove/erase the lip color  put under it.

8.  It didn’t dry my lips..


I dropped by Beauty Bar last Saturday and saw this in the Prestige counter. They sell this for 395 pesos.

Not bad.  Though,  they were only selling 4 shades.  I didn’t even see the shade that I own (the clear one).

Lip color: Covergirl Outlast Smoothwear Lipliner in 130 Nude
Lip gloss: Prestige Wonder Full in LPG-01 POSH

Well good thing I slapped off my being a snob because I ended up really liking this gloss and now prefer it over the other glosses that I own(high end ones not included since I don’t own one).

I don’t know if I’m going to pick it up for plumping purposes but if I needed a gloss that I can rely on then it would definitely be this one.