My Digicam is currently dead, so I had to settle for my cheap camera phone.

So this marks as my first haul post.

I haven’t been meaning to do one but I just wanted to share my 2 cents of the products I had acquired this month and maybe help out some of those who want to know more about a product they’ve been eyeing on but just not sure if it’s worth the purchase and are somewhat depending on the reviews but unfortunately google doesn’t show up that enough number of reviews, so I’m adding one to google’s list.

I’ll be doing quick reviews, so if there are any that you want to know more about you let me know.  I’ll be your guinea pig.

First up is skin care:

Maybelline Make Up Remover for Eyes and Lips, Human Nature Hydrating Face Toner with Moringa and Aloe Vera, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

Maybelline Make Up Remover for Eyes and Lips.  PHP99.00

This is a buy.

It’s cheap and it works.  This is actually my first eye make-up remover.  I haven’t used this on my lips because I haven’t put on any lipstick that stained like hell but as for waterproof liners and mascara, this definitely worked like a charm.  It didn’t sting.  It took out my eye make up in less than 10 seconds without any effort or tugging on my part.  Buy!

Human Nature Hydrating Face Toner. PHP 109.75

I had to settle for this because every single shop that sells Human Nature has ran out of stock of the Balancing Toner.  I love that toner but I can’t get my hands on it.  I am really hoarding the next time I see those on shelves.

For the hydrating version, it doesn’t sting, it takes out the rest of the grime left on my face that my facial wash couldn’t remove but it doesn’t give me that balancing feeling unlike the other toner from Human Nature.  Then again, this isn’t for combination to oily skinned people.  It’s for dry skin and I feel it doesn’t do much if you have oily skin.

But if you’ve got dry skin then I think this would work for you.

Not repurchasing because it’s not meant for my skin afterall.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel.  PHP830

The price is a bitch!

I have high hopes for this as I’ve read in numerous reviews that this works with oily skin and given its price you’d think Neutrogena must have put research and effort into this.

But in the last 6 days that I’ve been using this(under so much stress though) it didn’t show any kind of promise.  I was hoping to be less oily but I think I oiled faster and my pores got larger.  But as stressed, I was using this under stressful conditions. READ: 3-4 hours of sleep a day in the last 6 days.  So maybe my skin would have gotten worse had I not used this but then again I can’t tell.  Now that I’m back to normal working hours again, I’m going to give this another week and see if it can really hydrate/balance and get me less oily and if the hyped Hyaluronic Acid does indeed work its magic.

But the price is still a bitch!

Next is make-up:

Lumene double stay long-lasting SPF 6#4, Mistine Professional BB Wonder Cream SPF 30, Mistine BB Diamond Super Powder SPF 25 PA++ in S2

Lumene Double Stay Long Lasting Makeup with SPF 6. PHP 125

No, I did not miss out a digit.  It is priced as one hundred twenty five pesos.

I got this from the 99 store in Gaisano Country Mall, you just can’t miss that shop.

I saw this and thought why not, it’s 125, nothing to lose and it’s not going to hurt me if it won’t work.

It was one of those products I used under stressful conditions.  As far as coverage is concerned, it does even out and kind of cover some light discolorations.   It’s not heavy coverage but it’s just enough to make your skin look a little better sans make-up.  I got shade #4, though it ‘s not my exact match it’s a workable shade.  I don’t see any amazing oil control though.   And as mentioned, I’ve only been sleeping for 3 to 4 hours a day so I did break out and saw my pores getting larger.  But I can’t fully put the blame on this or in any of the products I’ve used in the last 6 days because aside from not getting enough sleep, I’ve been puffing like a mad dragon because my brain had to work under pressure.  I know, awful.

Mistine Profressional BB Wonder Cream SPF 30. GIFT

Tiny aka chipskjaa from wordpress sent me this as a gift (she’s now based in Thailand).  I’ve read in forums that Mistine had good oil control bb creams and I’m always a sucker for OIL CONTROL and BB CREAMS.

The product says it’s a Nutrition Cream, Make Up Base, Foundation, Sunscreen, Whitening and Anti-wrinke cream, exactly what a bb cream should be able to offer.

I’ve used it twice, since I just got it 2 days ago.   I use one “drop” for my entire face, which amazingly is all you really need.  And it does even out and cover light discolorations but it’s not my shade nor does it have my undertone.

It’s ashy when spread out and gives out a pinkish undertone so it comes out as a mask on my face.

But because I used just a drop of it, you can correct the tone in someways.

As for oil control, it doesn’t have any so I’m hoping it helps out in the wrinkle department and really works as a make-up base.

Mistine BB Diamond Super Powder SPF 25 PA++ in S2. GIFT

This is one of Mistine’s BB Pact.   I have this in the shade S2, still not my shade and undertone so I only use a powder or kabuki brush to apply this and use this as a setting powder instead.

It does a good job at giving me smooth skin but doesn’t help out in controlling sebum.

But the mirror is a winner!  It’s so clear and large enough for my face.


Richenna Magic Fix Volume And Curl, No Rinse Shampoo

I’m not really into hair products.  I just shampoo my hair, towel dry and leave them as it is.  And yes, I don’t really brush my hair.  I just run my fingers and I’m done.  I’ve been a wash and wear person since I was a kid and my mom hates that habit of mine.  But what can I do, I really don’t have any hair issues except for the hairfall I’ve been suffering for more than a decade but I don’t really give a rat’s ass about it.

Now onto my Hair Haul.

Richenna Magic Fix Volume And Curl. PHP239.00

This was an impulse buy.

I only got it because I thought I’d want to curl my hair the way I saw some youtuber curled hers.

2 days after getting this, I chopped my hair short so technically I’ve no use for it.

But then I saw a photo of January Jones in Harper’s and her hair had this short messy curl that didn’t really look ugly messy.  Think a better looking Alexa Chung hair.   So I went back to this product and thought, why not?

I brought out my hand-me-down curling iron from the 90’s and started dampening my hair with water then this magic hair fix.  The curls lasted for 2 hours unfortunately but then again I don’t really know how to effectively curl so maybe it wasn’t going to work from the get-go.  When I have the time, I will try to curl my hair again and see if the curls can indeed last.

No Rinse Shampoo. PHP 51.00

Believe me when I say the first time I saw this on the shelves years ago I thought:  “What a disgusting product! Anyone who buys this is lazy and gross.”

Only to find myself getting one.

But the only reason why I got one was because, here goes my explanation:

I don’t wake up early.  I’m almost always late.  But because no one’s going to wake me up when I’m on a business trip, that means I’d have to rush when getting myself ready.  So instead of shampooing my hair which takes about 6-7 minutes, I’ll have settle for this which is a quicker way of shampooing my hair because I can do this while in transit to the client’s office.

BUT in those 5 days with the client, I for once, never had to rush because I amazingly woke up early enough to get ready in time for work.

But I did end up using this.  I had no time to wash my hair before leaving for the port(we were rushing and I could only have time to wash anything from my face down).   Not that it was necessary for me to really use this or wash my hair since I was already headed for home(Cebu) but I just thought, it was a good time to use it.

I’m not sure if it’s supposed to clean my hair but it’s just plain liquid that’s a little bit sticky.

I poured some on my hands, and ran my fingers through my hair until it was all wet then towel dried.

And that was really it.  It didn’t really give me any kind of sensation that shampoos usually give.  It didn’t make my hair feel dirty either.

So I’m not sure how to appreciate this.  I guess you just really use this in case of emergency, so your scalp won’t oil any further or maybe it helps rid the oil on your scalp. Mmmmmhh… better put this in your emergency kit.

So there you have it.

First haul post done.